Editor’s Letter: New Year, New Solutions

By Debbie Bolla

It’s pretty fitting that HRO Today‘s first issue of the New Year has a keen focus on talent. Having the right candidates continues to keep HR up at night. In fact, according to The Conference Board’s new report C-suite Challenge 2018, the top concern of CEOs, CFOs, and CHROs is attracting and retaining talent. But rest assured: This issue has plenty of resources to ease those concerns.

Start by getting some key insights on talent management from a TA leader who oversaw more than 6,600 hires in 2016, which added up to a 13 percent year-over-year increase for his organization. Michael Spear was faced with fluctuating seasonal hiring challenges that come with being an airline food service provider. So the director of talent acquisition and development worked tirelessly across multiple departments to build a data-driven workforce planning tool that empowers gategroup to have the right amount of staff at the right time.

“We developed a tool that helped us understand the hiring numbers we needed in order or meet our metrics,” he says. “We now recruit and staff to those metrics and are able to get out in front of any deviations and address them with contingent labor, ensuring we have the necessary headcount to meet the demands of the business.”

The forecasting tool also helped enable gategroup to drive down their contingent labor costs and vendors. Learn more about Spear, a 2017 Talent Acquisition Leader of the Year award winner, in Feeding the Friendly Skies on page 12.

Knowing what is new and next in the talent management tech market can also help HR get ahead. HRO Today‘s new associate editor Marta Chmielowicz examines how talent management platforms are powered to improve employee branding, provide a consumer-centric experience, and deliver analytics to get the top candidates in the door. Read more in Transformative Technology on page 16 and see which platforms make the 2018 Baker’s Dozen on page 19.

Be sure to also head over to our website for additional insight into your talent challenges. New for 2018, HROToday.com has exclusive resources to accompany each of our stories.

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