HRO Today Association Update: We Are in This Together!

By Renée Preston

HR professionals around the globe are doing amazing things as they lead, inspire, and keep employees safe during these unprecedented times. Don’t go it alone: The HRO Today Association is here to keep the HR community stay connected and to provide virtual learning and professional development opportunities.

Our community of leaders works to keep you informed about the most critical topics in HR: What’s new, what’s next, and what you need to be thinking about right now. Members learn together, strengthen their networks, share best practices, and create new industry tools, discussing and defining standards and practices that make an impact. These networking opportunities, combined with our global database of research and resources, help us ensure that our members are well positioned for success and growth within the HR industry. Through the Association, members are armed with the tools they need to improve the quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of their HR operations.

Recent livestream sessions, which are available to members on-demand, include such timely topics such as Practical and Legal Considerations of Getting Back to Work and Shifting Back to Normal after COVID-19: A Perspective from Asia.

Show your staff you are committed to their ongoing professional development now more than ever, and give them access to the tools and information they need to be successful in their role.

To our current members, I thank you for your continued support and participation, especially the members of our global board of advisors and committees who have continued to make time to connect with one another and share their experiences amid the pandemic. Our members are a very special breed of professionals dedicated to advancing the practice of human resources.


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