Editor’s Note: Ready for 2023?

It’s hard to believe that we are just weeks away from a new year. And there is no better time than now to share what HR can anticipate coming up in the next few months. The December issue tackles this with a few stories not to miss.

On the Radar: CHRO Concerns for 2023

We take a deep dive into HRO Today’s 2022 Top Concerns of CHROs Report to see what is on the minds of senior HR executives. An impending recession is making the heart skip a beat as well as the longstanding challenges of retention and the skills gap. Associate Editor Zee Johnson spoke with a roundup of HR leaders and shares some strategies to overcome these obstacles in 2023.

What’s Coming

Visier Chief People Officer Paul Rubenstein says four trends will change the way workplaces operate in 2023. It may be hard to believe, but the C-suite will expect even more from HR. “Beyond the challenges of hybrid work, the pandemic, and employee health is a need for HR to elevate the quality of decisions about work and talent,” says Rubenstein. He shares how to do that, plus three other trends to keep an eye on in this story.

Five Retention Strategies for 2023

As keeping employees engaged and loyal continues to plague organizations, Claudine Hoverson, chief talent officer of Synchrony, provides five management approaches that aid in rethinking traditional employer/employee relationships. For example, Hoverson recommends leveraging Metaverse tools and says Synchrony is piloting a virtual reality training program and building 3D replicas of collaboration spaces to help train managers be better leaders, run effective meetings, and have critical conversations. Be sure to check out the story for more innovative ideas.

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