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By Debbie Bolla

Numbers like 35,000 hires per year across more than 65 countries might intimidate some talent acquisition leaders but not David Wilkinson. The global infrastructure and operations director for Boeing, a leading aerospace company, understands there are obstacles in front of him, but he’s ready to take them head on.

“There are many challenges when you hire up to 35,000 employees a year, but our greatest is that we are competing for talent on global stage,” he says. “Like many employers, we are seeing a dramatic increase in competition for talent across the board, unemployment rates at an all-time low, a reduction in STEM graduates, and increased competition in the technology-oriented skills, making the talent market more complex and competitive than ever before.”

Through technology, Wilkinson is looking to gain a global view of talent, improve the candidate experience, and bring a local perspective to the hiring process to ensure candidates in different areas of the world understand the value proposition of all of Boeing’s business units. For organizations in the same boat as Boeing, The Marketing of Hiring offers valuable best practices for communicating EVP and employer brand. This is not to be overlooked: In fact, Manpower reports 58 percent of global job candidates feel that employer brand is more important than just five years ago.

“Companies that have invested in their employer brand and provided stories about what it’s really like to work there garner better candidates who are more interested in the brand and the positions,” says Michele Silagy, chief talent officer at Kinetix.

Wilkinson understands the importance of sharing an authentic view of Boeing in order to land the best candidates. Learn more in Taking Flight.

Is your organization ready for takeoff in today’s candidate-driven market?

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