Editor’s Note: Looking to 2022

The Great Resignation, however it manifests itself in the EMEA region, brings with it one very clear challenge. There are a lot of organisations looking for talent and the ongoing upheaval across the workplace is unlikely to result in everyone shuffling places and all vacancies being filling anew. What is more likely, given the post-pandemic workforce’s new insight into what they want from work and what they can get from work, is that some of those jobs will go begging for talent for some time.

To ensure it’s not their organisation that ends up with empty seats, HR professionals now need to play to their strengths to find available and effective talent. According to Robert Half’s 2022 Salary Guide, more than half (51%) of senior business leaders think it will be harder to find talent with the right skills in 2022. The same report found leaders citing diversity and inclusion as a driver in creating a better workplace culture and thereby a more attractive and talent-retaining workplace.

In this issue of HRO Today EMEA, our articles key into this challenge. This month’s stories offer best practices for attracting and communicating opportunities in a non biased way, as well as offering ways that workplaces can address climate change. Next year’s agenda is firmly rooted in finding the right talent and ensuring they realise the opportunity you have for them. And as applicants approach your business, we look at how identity checks remain crucial to mitigating risk.

The watchword is always efficiency. Candidates are keen to move, keen to find their next greatest job, and keen to make the decisions that will further their careers and lives. With the right systems and approaches in place, HR can excel in this environment.

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