CEO’s Letter: Recognizing HR is Also Recognizing HR’s Impact

I recently had to have surgery that will prevent me from traveling to the HRO Today Forum next month. This is the first time I will have ever missed one of our Forum events. I am fine, but I was in the hospital for a few days in two different parts of the medical center. It was an “interesting” experience. One ward was wonderful and a very positive experience. The second part of the stay was punctuated by a grumpy staff, some of whom were clearly disengaged, if not disinterested. The mission-driven professionals were evident in their commitment. The “less” mission-driven were almost defiant in their lack of engagement. I got to thinking that my experience was really a barometer of the impact of HR and the line management leadership practices within that institution. I could literally feel the experience of the employee expressed as mediocre service, and so could all customers and stakeholders. Recognizing the importance of HR is about recognizing that the people of organizations drive every single outcome—be it good or bad.

In this month’s issue of HRO Today, we recognize HR in a few different ways. We have long been known for our work in rating the provider community visa our Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings™. For more than a decade, we have recognized the best of HR leadership with our CHRO of the Year Awards and TA Leader of the Year Awards. Learn more about this year’s CHRO of the Year Awards finalists here. And we also feature our third annual HR100, the top 100 HR teams based on our tradition of using publicly available information.

We do these programs to further the mission of HRO Today to inform, educate, and improve the practices of HR. The winners of the CHRO of the Year Awards will be announced at the HRO Today Forum, North America, in Dallas at the gala on the evening of May 2nd. We recently announced this year’s HR100. The purpose of these programs is to spread the best practices of HR and to generate dialogue around successful innovations and offer perspectives on less successful experiments to better HR operational, administrative, and strategic support. The standards for these programs are all based on relative rankings and that is because HR is evolving. A score 15 years ago on one of our first Baker’s Dozen lists for providers would not even make the ranking today.

The best practice power of measurement and recognition is well-known to HR. We are proud that we can add our voice to recognizing all of you for your efforts and the positive impact it has on organizations, people who work within those organizations, and their families and friends. And yes, HR has a positive impact on society through concepts that make us better at work and in our daily lives related to culture, belonging, acceptance of others, and emotional and physical wellness, to name a few.

Enjoy this recognition-laden issue of HRO Today and say something nice about a co-worker today. They in all likelihood deserve some recognition!

Elliot S. Clark

Tags: April 2024

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