A Positive Impact

There are times when steering the people function of a business requires faith and belief. HR is not just about looking after people; it is about ensuring those people are contributing effectively and positively to the direction of the business. After all, if they weren’t productive there wouldn’t be an organisation. So, when questions are raised as to whether people-based initiatives are contributing positively to ROI, HR needs to be ready with the answers.

To some extent, “doing the right thing” for an organisation’s people is always going to have a positive impact. A happy, healthy workforce will be more committed to the business, more engaged, and therefore more productive. A good employer brand is likely to pay dividends for any organisation as it attracts and retains top talent.

But is a “feel-good” factor enough? ED&I and investment in outplacement provision can help both the employer brand and make people proud to come to work. But in these days of cost awareness and efficiency, is this really an appropriate use of resources?

In this issue of HRO Today EMEA, we take a fresh look at these areas, alongside the practice of automation within the HR function. It is clear that in some cases, there is a direct route from investment to a positive outcome for the business. Automating HR administrative work can certainly be measured in this way. However, there are equally times when HR and the business must trust the process. The benefit of the feel good factor delivered by ED&I and the way a company treats the people who need to leave the business may not be immediately apparent and may not have a clear relationship to the bottom line, but the benefits are there nonetheless.

Of course, the results for businesses often go beyond simply feeling good, but sometimes with HR initiatives, you need conviction and faith that you’re doing the right thing.

Simon Kent

Tags: EMEA March April 2024

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