Editor’s Note: Initiatives with Impact

Among all of the workforce topics I speak to HR senior leaders about, the ones I probably hear about the most are attracting and retaining top candidates. It’s no surprise, given the talent market pressures they are facing on a daily basis. In fact, recent research from Gartner shows that 91% of HR leaders are increasingly concerned about employee turnover.

I was speaking with Chris Breckage, VP of business development of Procom, for one of our HRO Today Educational Podcasts, and he pointed out several factors that really make an impact on candidate attraction and retention.

1. Disruption. Breckage says companies like Amazon, Netflix, and Uber excite employees and consumers alike with their out-of-the-box thinking. If this is a pillar at your organization, be sure to talk about it.

2. Career growth. The number one thing most employees are looking for is career growth. It’s critical to have succession schemes in place that map out short-term and long-term plans.

3. Employee voice. Breckage points out that the younger generations of workers were raised to have their voices heard and now they want to do just that at work. Empower employees by engaging them in weekly, monthly, or quarterly feedback sessions.

4. Purpose. Today’s workforce wants organizational values to align to their personal values. Forget the ping pong tables and casual dress code; be sure to tie purpose to company culture and team-building activities.

5. Life-work balance. After two years of immense change and uncertainty, now more than ever do employees understand the things they want to prioritize in life. Candidates are seeking organizations that allow them to catch their kid’s baseball game or attend a volunteer meeting while still being productive at work.

Breckage had much more to share in order to be an employer of choice. Have a listen here.


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