Editor’s Note: Better Days Ahead

By Simon Kent

You could be forgiven for not being overly enthusiastic about 2021, yet there is cause for optimism and renewed energy. The global pandemic may continue, offering variations not just in terms of the virus itself but also in how and to what extent it can impact our world. Nevertheless, this year will see changes for the better, even if there are still tough times ahead.

Moreover, with the impressive and innovative techniques and ideas developed and implemented by HR so far, the function has the potential to enter into a new era as this malaise lifts. The importance of HR has clearly been highlighted and increased by the pandemic. The new era may be one where work can be realised without barriers and its value can be recognised without compromise.

In many ways, we are entering a new world. It is one that has learned much about human nature, and one where international boundaries are challenged and redefined -both by the pandemic and by the finalisation of the U.K.’s exit from the EU.

Against this backdrop, this issue of HRO Today EMEA examines where HR currently stands, how recruitment is faring, and the implications of the Brexit deal on international talent management. All of these subjects bring with them insight into how organisations can get the best from their people whilst also ensuring employees are able to live fulfilling and healthy lives.

Better times are coming. They may not have arrived with the usual fireworks and celebrations on the stroke of midnight, but it is important not to lose sight of what can be achieved, particularly given what has already been achieved.

The HRO Today EMEA team hopes this year brings you success and happiness, and we’re particularly excited to meet up together for the HRO Today Forum EMEA. In the meantime, please do keep in touch with how you’re doing: the challenges you have and the successes you’re delivering

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