Editor’s Note: Agile and Adaptable

By Debbie Bolla

Each December, I reflect back on the previous year’s forecast piece to see how the predictions played out. Well, 2020 was a year like no other, one that no one could have predicted. But I couldn’t resist tradition, and while some of the trends weren’t completely in line with this past year, some of the feedback from our experts really hit home.

  • Heather Jordan, senior vice president of HR at Eliassen Group, could not have been more on point when she said, “It is important that HR teams position themselves with the capability to quickly adapt to changes in business needs. An HR focus on continuous rather than annual feedback, tight feedback loops with immediate results, continuous improvement exercises, and utilizing real-time data will be key.” More than ever before, organizations had to pivot quickly in response to COVID-19, and those with agile HR teams had an easier -and likely more successful -transition in supporting employees.
  • Jeff Mike, vice president and head of research ideation for Bersin by Deloitte Consulting LLP, suggested that core technology would need to provide flexibility: “Rather than keeping up with all the latest and greatest technologies in the rapidly moving HR technology ecosystem, we expect to see more organizations building adaptability into their HR technology strategies just like they are starting to do with their organizational design.” With increased investment in HR technology in 2020, according to Gallagher’s HR Technology Pulse Survey, organizations relied on technology to aid in remote work, connectivity, and virtual hiring.
  • In addition to the pandemic, social unrest pushed diversity, equality, and inclusion initiatives to the top of the list. Linda Nedelcoff, executive vice president and chief strategy and HR officer at CUNA Mutual Group, said, “As our customer and consumer base becomes more diverse, the best ideas, suggestions and solutions will come from a workforce that is equally diverse in experiences and perspectives. Even more important is creating a culture that is open, accepting, humble, and courageous and allows diversity to thrive.”

Even in an unbelievably uncertain year, these experts had their fingers on the pulse. What’s coming up for 2021? See The Road Ahead.

Here’s to a happy new year!

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