Editor’s Note: 2020 -A Clear Vision?

By Debbie Bolla

2020 is poised to be a year of transformation. I recently had the opportunity to co-lead a think-tank session at our HRO Today Forum EMEA in Dublin with Julie Sharp and transformation was on her mind. Sharp is a seasoned, senior-level HR executive who has headed up HR across the globe including in APAC at Citibank Australia. With so much technological innovation infiltrating the marketplace and an increasing level of pressure to execute an effective people strategy, HR needs to prepare for change. Sharp says there are two questions that HR needs to asking to be ready for the future of work.

1. How has the HR profession reacted to the complex changes in the area of digital science and technology? The answer is a bit unclear. A recent survey from KMPG found that some forward-looking HR leaders are working on strategic plans to implement new platforms in the areas of analytics and automation. Two-thirds of respondents agree that HR has undergone or is undergoing a digital transformation, but only 40 per cent of HR leaders have a digital workforce plan in place.

2. How can HR take the lead in helping their enterprises accelerate sustained performance? Sharp points to recent research from Deloitte to help answer this question. There are three key “futures” that HR must address:

The future of the enterprise. Data is driving massive amounts of change and HR must navigate how this will impact their workforce and the amount of trust in the organisation.

The future of the workforce. Market forces are challenging HR with people working longer but not having the necessary skills needed to succeed as work changes. Throw in the open talent economy and the workforce will look nothing like it did 10 years ago.

The future of how work gets done. Sharp says how organisations achieve their goals will be driven by how they embrace new digital solutions that encourage adaptable teamwork.

We are hoping the rest of our issue will help you in your path to transformation in 2020.

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