2015 Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings: Employee Screening

By the Editors

HRO Today’s Baker’s Dozen rankings are based solely on feedback from buyers of the rated services; the ratings are not based on the opinion of the HRO Today staff. We collect feedback annually through an online survey, which we distribute both directly to buyers through our own mailing lists and indirectly by sending service providers the link to send to their clients

Once collected, response data are loaded into the HRO Today database for analysis to score each provider that has a statistically significant sample. For this survey, we required 13 responses from 10 companies.

In order to determine an overall ranking, we analyze results across three subcategories: service breadth, deal sizes, and quality. Using a predetermined algorithm that weighs questions and categories based on importance, we calculate scores in all three subcategories as well as an overall score. The rankings are based on those scores. The numbers presented in the tables represent those calculated scores; we include them to demonstrate the relative differences among the ranked service providers.

For this survey, we reached out to more than 50 providers of background screening services. Several providers had insufficient client participation to be ranked, including First Advantage, Pre-employ, and SterlingBackCheck, among others.

While we do not claim that our methodology is the only viable ratings program available, we do vouch for its statistical validity. We hope this ranking provides you some insight into your next RFP process.

  1. Aurico Reports Inc.

Website: www.aurico.com

Aurico is an NAPBS accredited and ISO 9001:2008 certified background screening and drug testing company. Founded in 1991, Aurico provides clients with high quality screening, compliance tools, and paperless solutions. Ranked #1 Overall on HRO Today’s Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction list of top screening providers, Aurico is a leader on the list three years in a row. Our award-winning WebACE™ technology is pre-integrated with applicant tracking systems for efficient screening. As a winner of the 2014 BBB Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics, Aurico exemplifies the highest standards in ethical behavior and business practices towards our customers, employees, and communities.


  • Criminal and civil background searches
  • Verification and references
  • Fully-automated drug screening program including random, post accident, reasonable suspicion, DOT, site events, and ongoing testing
  • Occupational health services
  • Electronic I-9 and E-Verify services
  • Pre-integrated WebACE™ screening platform with premier applicant tracking systems (ATS)
  • Corporate M&A due diligence investigations
  • Full adverse action management
  • Electronic adjudication
  • Policy settings
  • Electronic file cabinet
  • Multi-option order processing
  • Paperless screening options
  • Multi-lingual screening platform
  • Dedicated account management support

Most important metrics:

  • Customer service: response time, one-call resolution, and dedicated account support
  • Reporting services: verification rates and criminal record rates
  • Turnaround time: turnaround time measurement corporate and by location
  • Technology: system uptime, security, performance
  • Cost control: cost alignment, monitoring, consistency
  • Compliance: adverse action monitoring and support


  1. Universal Background Screening

Website: www.universalbackground.com

Universal Background Screening provides comprehensive background screening services for companies of all sizes, with a commitment to personalized, responsive service, and accuracy in the information we provide. As a fully accredited screening company, we work with organizations across the country to make the background screening process easier and ensure our clients know everything they need to know about the people they hire.


  • Domestic and international criminal record checks
  • Social Security number trace and validation
  • Criminal and sex offender database checks
  • Employment, education, reference and credential verifications
  • Motor vehicle driving records
  • Employment credit reports
  • Drug testing, physicals and occupational health testing
  • Electronic form I-9/E-Verify services
  • Adverse action and related FCRA compliance management solutions
  • Client education program
  • Client portal optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile devices
  • Candidate electronic forms portal featuring digital signatures, optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile devices
  • Technical integrations

Most important metrics:

  • Time-to-fill for non-class-based hires and fill ratio for class-based hires
  • Quality of candidates and quality of hire
  • Diversity of candidate slate
  • Offer letter accuracy and offer letter timeliness
  • Time-to-submit and time-to-schedule rates
  • Source of hire, source of candidates, diversity sourcing tactics and employee referral hires
  • Time to process
  • Turnover/retention
  1. Asurint

Website: www.asurint.com

Asurint is a screening company with 100 percent focus on technology-based services for the industry’s most elegant screening solution. We offer a full-suite of screening products as well as products and services necessary to maintain compliance with local, state and federal laws. Our proprietary criminal database is the starting point for accurate, comprehensive screening results. These are delivered to clients via the web, portal, or through commercial or proprietary system integrations.

Every member of the Asurint team is committed to the engineering of products and services that do more than compete; they redefine their category. Our employees have a passion for screening and adding value to clients as well as to our community.


  • Identity and verification services: SSN Trace, E-Verify (Electronic I-9)
  • Criminal and civil record searches: National Criminal Database, Single County and Statewide Criminal, National Sex Offender Registry, Upper and Lower County Civil, Federal Criminal and Civil, Fingerprinting
  • Verifications: employment, education, DOT employment, professional license, personal and professional references
  • Driver-related products: motor vehicle records, vehicle registration, commercial driver’s license information system (CDLIS), PSP DOT crash and inspection report
  • Watch lists: Patriot Act/OFAC (OIG/GSA/terrorist watch list, etc.), FACIS (medical sanctions)
  • Occupational health products and services: lab-based drug testing, instant drug testing kits, physicals
  • Compliance products and services: pre-adverse and adverse action letters, consumer notifications, state-specific compliance notices, proactive regulatory updates
  • Additional products and services: employment credit, tenant credit, worker’s compensation, monitoring, Form I-9

Most important metrics:

  • Turnaround time
  • Accuracy and FCRA dispute rates
  • Integration capability/custom solutions
  • Compliance
  • Privacy and security
  • Customer satisfaction
  • S.-based verifications, service and support teams
  1. Peopletrail

Website: www.peopletrail.com

Peopletrail® is a leading provider of custom employment screening, criminal background checks, tenant screening, drug screening, ATS integration, and corporate security solutions. Our valued clients range from government agencies and Fortune 500 to small up-and-coming businesses.

In addition a wealth of trusted experience, accurate reporting, and advanced technology, Peopletrail understands that people must be part of the process. We pride ourselves on bringing the human touch to every report, management decision, and client relationship. Our services combine superior customer service through dedicated account managers with efficient, state-of-the-art technology integration to deliver on-demand, accurate and timely consumer reporting results.  Peopletrail has Oracle validated integration and is accredited with the NAPBS.


  • Credit and identity: credit reports, person search, social security search, social security fraud alert
  • Credentials: commercial drivers license and driving records, education verification, OIG search/Medicaid sanctions, military history, professional license verification
  • Drug screening: nationwide testing, medical review officer consulting services, substance abuse detection and prevention education and training
  • Investigative: county civil search, county criminal investigation, metro area county courthouse search, sex and violent offender report, statewide search, federal civil and criminal search, international criminal records search, tenant screening, corporate investigations
  • Verifications: employment verification and references, executive due diligence, medical record verification, personal and professional reference verification, residence/landlord verification, volunteer check

      Most important metrics:

  • Customer services
  • Accuracy
  • Accreditation and compliance
  • Customized solutions
  • Fast turnaround
  • Advanced technology and integration
  1. PeopleG2

Website: www.peopleg2.com

Founded in 2001, PeopleG2 is one of the top human capital due diligence service provider firms in North America, leveraging proprietary processes and tools to serve clients’ risk management needs and support their most strategic people-related decisions.

Drawing on the military intelligence-gathering term “G2,” PeopleG2 proactively and systematically conducts discovery on both the potential sources of value and the potential concerns that accompany human capital assets. PeopleG2 offers several proven, scalable, high-impact and legally defensible business solutions for employers/human resources departments, executive leadership teams, business investors, corporate restructuring and merger-and-acquisition architects and property owners.


  • Adverse action letter
  • Background check notification
  • Bankruptcy report
  • Business credit search (high and low risk)
  • County civil and criminal search
  • Credit report
  • Driving history report
  • Education and employment verification
  • Eviction reports
  • Federal criminal and civil search
  • FACIS search
  • I-9 Verification (e-Verify)
  • Medical disciplinary search
  • National security and abuse registry search
  • 50 state sex offender search
  • Nationwide wants and warrants
  • National instant criminal search
  • Professional license and reference verification
  • Social security search/address verification
  • Statewide criminal search
  • Workers compensation report
  • 5, 7, 9-10 panel drug rest
  • Pre-employment physical (Non DOT)

Most important metrics:

  • Technology integration
  • Compliance
  • Due diligence
  • Customer service
  1. Info Cubic LLC

Website: www.infocubic.com

Info Cubic is a privately held, ISO Certified, one-stop pre-employment screening company that has been providing domestic and international background checks to numerous cities, counties and states as well as private companies in the United States since its foundation in 2002. We are headquartered in Denver, Colorado with support and sales branches in the Midwest and Northeast.

With a foundation built on providing world-class customer service, industry-leading turnaround times, and accurate search results – Info Cubic’s commitment to excellence has allowed us to become one of the world’s premier employment screening companies.


  • Social Security number trace
  • Credit report
  • MVR search
  • I-9 verification
  • Driver’s license monitoring
  • County, statewide, nationwide, and international criminal records
  • Registered sex offender search
  • International Criminal, Civil, and Bankruptcy Records
  • Patriot Act/OFAC/Terrorist watch list
  • Education verification
  • Professional license verification
  • Professional/personal reference check
  • Drug screening
  • Worker’s Compensation

      Most important metrics:

  • Customer service
  • Turnaround time
  • Accuracy rate
  • System availability
  • Engaging communication
  1. Backgrounds Online

Website: www.backgroundsonline.com

Backgrounds Online is an online background screening firm/consumer report agency with 18 years of expertise, dedicated to providing employers, volunteer agencies and human resource professionals with a simple, FCRA-compliant solution.

They are members of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners and accredited by the Background Screening Credentialing Council.


  • Identity verification
  • Criminal research: county criminal searches, statewide repository searches, nationwide criminal database, nationwide sex offender searches, national wants and warrants searches, USA Patriot Act searches
  • Verification services: employment and education verification, personal and professional reference interviews, credential verification
  • Motor vehicle records
  • Pre-employment credit reports
  • 5 and 10 panel drug screening
  • OIG and EPLS sanctions searches
  • Workers compensation searches
  • County civil case searches
  • International research: country level identity verification, country level criminal searches, country level credit reports

Most important metrics:

  • Staff availability, communication and quick assistance response time
  • Premium service and order turnaround time
  • Competitive pricing
  • Site uptime and performance
  • Product availability
  • Web services and API integration
  1. SmartStart Employment Screening Inc.

Website: www.SmartStartEmploymentScreening.com

SmartStart is the industry’s most modern background check company. Designed to address industry shortcomings, SmartStart offers technology flexible enough to overcome unforeseen client needs. Powerful web-based software called SMARTS (Smart Management of Applicant Recruiting and Tracking Software) is the flagship system that creates the synergy between client, client HRIS, applicant, researcher, source data, and SmartStart. Not only has SmartStart simplified the screening process, it has substantially reduced client workload as well.

SmartStart’s modern infrastructure and unique customer service methodologies create the ability to quickly resolve issues and eliminate client frustration. Maintaining a 99 percent client retention rate since inception, SmartStart always puts the client first. SmartStart maintains a global presence and is a member of NAPBS (National Association of Professional Background Screeners).


  • Complete criminal searches
  • County, state, federal, and international criminal checks
  • National databases
  • Sex offenders Cchecks
  • OFAC
  • OIG
  • SAM
  • FDA debarment
  • Global terrorist sanctions list
  • County and federal civil checks
  • Workers compensation
  • Motor vehicle reports
  • PSP DOT reports
  • E-Verify
  • Credit reports
  • SSN traces and address history
  • Education and employment verification
  • Reference verification
  • Professional license verifications
  • Exit interviews
  • Media searches
  • Drug testing
  • Random drug testing admin
  • SMART software: 24-hour access (orders/results), order by invitation, ATS, module features, adverse action handling, electronic drug testing registration, unlimited users, custom reports, private labeling of eApplication

Most important metrics:

  • Global compliance
  • Customer service
  • Data protection
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Quality results
  • Quality programs
  • Accuracy
  • Cost effective
  • Flexible and customizable technology
  • Integration capability
  • International service
  • SLAs
  1. Global HR Research

Website: www.ghrr.com

Hiring is the most important thing you do. Don’t trust it to just anyone, and especially don’t trust to it anyone who needs on-the-job training.

Whether you conduct routine pre-hire screenings for mostly similar job categories or you’re handling complex enterprise hiring and assessment in a compliance-driven industry, Global HR Research offers unmatched adaptability, experience, and customer service.

Global HR Research knows you need more than screening and assessment. You need pre-hire intelligence. That’s what we offer — a robust set of screening and assessment products. It’s a comprehensive set of tools that will help you make better hiring decisions, and make them faster. When you’re tired of your current approach to hiring, talk to us about how pre-hire intelligence can help you make smarter hires … today.

Global HR Research is BSCC-accredited


  • Social security trace
  • National criminal database
  • National sex offender registry
  • OFAC, terrorist watch lists/sanctions lists
  • County criminal – CourtConnect™
  • National federal criminal search
  • Federal criminal district
  • State law enforcement check
  • County civil – CourtConnect™
  • Federal civil district
  • Driving history and CDLIS report
  • MVR fleet management – MVR alert system
  • Credit reports (FICO and Non FICO)
  • Non DOT and DOT employment verification
  • Education verification
  • Professional/personal reference
  • Professional license certification
  • Exclusion databases (OIG/GSA/FDA/etc.)
  • FACIS (Level I,II,III)
  • Industry specific search types
  • E-verify and I-9 management
  • Fingerprint/LiveScan management
  • International screening
  • Pre-employment, post accident, reasonable suspicion and random drug and alcohol testing
  • Non DOT & DOT physicals
  • Wellness testing
  • Titer testing
  • Adverse action management services

      Most important metrics:

  • Customer service
  • Technology/23 pre-defined integrations
  • Competitive pricing
  • Turnaround time
  • Custom reporting

10. First Choice Background Screening

Website: www. firstchoicebackground.com

First Choice Background Screening (First Choice) has been a leader in the background screening industry as a Florida corporation since 1996 (19 years). We are incorporated under the parent name of First Choice Research & Investigations, Inc. Our corporate office is located in Hollywood, Florida with 70 in-house personnel and over 2,500 field personnel. We provide a broad spectrum of services, including criminal history checks, past employment and education verifications, credit and debarment checks, fingerprinting, E-Verify, just to name a few. First Choice is a certified woman and minority owned business, serving both nationwide and international clients through secure, state of the art technology, providing convenient 24/7/365 access to our fully automated, web-based system.


  • Social security verification
  • Credit reports
  • County, statewide, and federal criminal history
  • Sex offender registry (state and nationwide)
  • Civil court records
  • FirstChek (nationwide criminal history including sexual offender registry)
  • FirstSearch (healthcare sanction and debarment search)
  • FirstIncomeVerification (IRS verification of income)
  • Employment and education verification
  • Professional license verification
  • Professional/personal references
  • Motor vehicle records
  • Worker’s compensation records
  • Government sanction and debarment lists (OIG, FDA, OFAC, GSA)
  • Military service verification
  • Drug testing (lab-based and instant/electronic available)
  • Electronic I-9 and E-Verify
  • Fingerprint network (live scan as well as cards)
  • Adverse action compliance
  • Hiring decision matrix
  • ATS integration

Most important metrics:

  • Turnaround time
  • Customer service
  • In-house verifications
  • Accuracy and compliance

11. Employment Background Investigations Inc (EBI)

Website: www.ebiinc.com

Based in Owings Mills, Maryland, Employment Background Investigations (EBI) is a technology-driven innovator and leader in providing domestic and global pre-employment background checks, drug testing, occupational healthcare, and I-9 compliance solutions for employers. Founded in 1994, EBI is one of the 10 largest background screening firms in the country. EBI specializes in the development, implementation, and management of comprehensive and customized employment screening programs for over 5,000 clients in over 200 countries and territories worldwide.

EBI is accredited through the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) Background Screening Agency Accreditation Program.


  • Background screening solutions: social security number trace and validation; county, state and federal criminal records; proprietary National Criminal Records Database (NCRD); county, district and federal civil litigation records; bankruptcy and lien searches; national sex offender records; state and national abuse registries; global watch and sanction lists; exclusion databases (OIG/GSA/FDA); Healthcare Integrity and Protection Database (HIPDB) searches; motor vehicle records; commercial driver’s license information system; MVR fleet management solutions; PSP DOT inspection reports; DOT management solutions; employment and education verifications; military verifications; professional references; license and credential verifications; healthcare sanction reports (FACIS Level I-III); Patriot Act (OFAC) searches; employment credit reports; tenant screening solutions; worker’s compensation history records; media history reports; fingerprinting/live scan and biometric solutions; applicant tracking system (ATS) integrations; electronic signature; consumer report adjudication administration; and paperless Form I-9/e-Verify.
  • Drug testing solutions: pre-employment, random, post-accident and return-to-duty testing; Non-DOT and DOT lab-based
  • Occupational health screening solutions: DOT and Non-DOT physical exams and biometric screening

Most important metrics:

  • Customer service
  • Accuracy and compliance
  • Turnaround time
  • Risk management

12. Verified Person

Website: www.verifiedperson.com

John Sculley, former CEO of Apple, and Tal Moise founded Verified Person in 2004 with the idea that background screenings could be greatly simplified by infusing it with technological sophistication. His vision has been realized through web-based client interfaces that support both pre-hire and ongoing background and criminal screenings, along with a constantly expanding line-up of other services.

This vast array of screening products is currently used by a growing number of Fortune 1000 organizations in healthcare, staffing, financial services, retail and other industries as well as smaller, regional businesses all across the country.

With a management team that possesses a strong track record of building successful businesses based on cutting-edge technology and an ownership group dedicated to the idea of constant technological and procedural advancement, Verified Person is well positioned to maintain its status as a leader in its industry.


  • Social security number verification State, county, nationwide, federal and ongoing criminal search
  • Nationwide criminal search
  • Education and employment verification
  • Professional license verification
  • Enhanced OIG and GSA list screening
  • Healthcare sanctions search
  • Pre-employment credit history
  • Enhanced sex offender search
  • Motor vehicle records
  • Reference checks
  • Workers compensation
  • S. Government terrorist watchlist search
  • Drug screening
  • Global screening
  • Civil court search
  • I-9 Verification

        Most important metrics:

  • Hosting performance metrics
  • Customer support

13. IntelliCorp Records, Inc.

Website: ww.intellicorp.net

Intellicorp Records, Inc., is a provider of comprehensive background checks and employment screening solutions for businesses and nonprofit organizations. A Verisk Analytics (Nasdaq:VRSK) business, IntelliCorp is accredited through the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS). The company provides validated criminal searches, dedicated account management, various training courses and compliance education. A robust operational framework and infrastructure of guiding principles and industry best practices demonstrate IntelliCorp’s steadfast commitment to compliance with federal and state requirements pertaining to background screening. For more information, please visit www.intellicorp.net.


  • Validated criminal searches
  • Validated former last name criminal searches
  • Civil searches
  • Credit reports (business/peer)
  • Drug testing
  • Education/employment verifications
  • E-Verify/Form I-9
  • Government sanctions (Terrorist (OFAC), DDTC, AECA, BIS)
  • International searches
  • Medical license verifications
  • Motor vehicle reports (MVRs)
  • Professional references
  • SSN verifications
  • Technical integration solutions

    Most important metrics:

  • FCRA compliance
  • Report accuracy
  • Turnaround times
  • Customer service
  • Privacy and security
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