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Getting the Best Out of Tech

Technology is vital to an effective talent acquisition process.

By Zee Johnson

Technology has become one of the biggest enablers for organizations looking to lead the pack in talent acquisition. A PwC survey found that as of last year, 58% of businesses utilize HR technologies, and 74% of HR leaders say they soon plan to increase their investments in HR technologies.

The right tech strategy is critical because it allows companies to meet talent demands by merging human and machine learning to get the best outcomes possible. “A well-designed tech stack plugs right in to fully integrate with an organization’s existing processes,” says Tammy Browning, president of KellyOCG. “Human insights work alongside machine intelligence to make sure HR leaders are informed and confident about their workforce needs every day.”

For example, KellyOCG’s tech stack, Kelly Helix, is a fully capable system that streamlines the client experience, improves the talent journey, and provides the robust data, analytics, and reporting that enables business results. It does this by leveraging state-of-the-art technology like natural language processing, AI matching, and video interviews. It also does this through embedded components like Ace, a platform designed to optimize talent engagement to select the right fit from hundreds or thousands of resumes.

And a well-designed tech stack, Browning says, empowers both TA leaders and employees alike. In fact, 71% of recruiters say that automation is a positive enhancement to their ability to do their jobs, and 33% say that it’s improved their outcomes. She explains how it seamlessly provides for both sides of the equation to makes the experience enjoyable all the way around.

  • For TA leaders: Technology automates routine processes, integrates tasks between managers and platforms, and enables virtual and remote hiring. It also facilitates talent pooling curation to ensure that talent is aligned with the corporation’s employee value proposition (EVP).
  • For talent: Tech makes the job search more efficient, more engaging, offers personalized career pathing, and removes barriers that make job hunting difficult.

“Helix gives corporations the confidence that their workforce inquiries are being addressed in a timely manner and holds partners accountable to deliver a world-class workforce solutions strategy,” Browning says.

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