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CEO’s Letter: A New Baker’s Dozen Recipe

By Elliot H. Clark,


Each year, we survey more than 3,000 companies to produce our six HRO Today Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Survey rankings. We measure the top providers’ effectiveness in delivering critical HR management services to global companies.

The system of rankings has been the subject of significant disclosures on our part. That way, we’ve ensured that practitioners using the rankings understood what the data represented, and how it was accumulated and treated. Every year, the number of companies in our surveys has risen and the number of inquiries we have received about interpreting the data has risen as well. The rapid adoption of the Baker’s Dozen rankings as a core part of partnership selection is well-documented -both by the many providers who tell us that they are being questioned about the rankings at bid meetings, and the practitioners who inquire about the outcomes.

However, it is time for a refresh. Because we look to the HRO Today Services and Technology Association (the successor to the Human Resources Outsourcing Association) to be the governing body of standard and practices in the HRO industry, we will be using the association’s infrastructure to manage a group of standing committees. Only members in good standing will have representatives seated on the committees.

We will begin setting up the standing committees next month to evaluate and advise us on questions and services now prevalent. One committee will be constituted for each Baker’s Dozen vertical. We do not have a strict limit on how many members can be on each committee. That said, if we have so many volunteers so that it is unwieldy, we will deal with that when it arises. If you wish to take part in one of these committees, go to www.hrotoday.com/association/ benefits-and-membership/ to register as a provider on a global or regional basis, or as a practitioner (providers cannot register for practitioner memberships). Or you can contact Zachary Misko, Executive Director, through the contact page on the website. There are many, many other benefits to membership, such as networking and learning opportunities – in addition to these committee opportunities.

We are greatly appreciative to the marketplace and the thousands of volunteers who take the survey. We implemented the program nearly eight years ago and began educating the market on its application by being as transparent as we could be without giving away the weightings in a way that could encourage cheating or coaching. We have a considerable normative data pile that we currently use and will continue to use for trends analysis.

We believe this is a timely update of the surveys. While we enjoy great acceptance, popularity, and respect, we do not want to sit on our laurels and allow our methodology to become outdated. So we look to the industry leaders in the HRO Today Services and Technology Association to join us in making this the best possible survey ranking it can be. Thank you in advance for your support.

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