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7 Benefits of Total Talent for Healthcare

Moving away from a decentralized model to a total talent approach will give healthcare organizations an edge in a tight market.

By Tierney McAfee

One of the biggest trends in talent acquisition may be the perfect solution to the hiring challenges facing the healthcare industry.

Total talent acquisition -a consistent, comprehensive approach to recruiting both full-time and contingent labor -provides a holistic view of an organization’s talent by sourcing, attracting, and hiring all types of workers through one streamlined process.

This proactive approach delivers an end-to-end recruitment process while circumventing the pitfalls of a decentralized hiring model often used by healthcare organizations.

TWS ApproachJennifer Santoleri, executive director for Allegis Global Solutions, explains, “It’s not uncommon for healthcare institutions to have a decentralized model for filling the talent gap. Often, clinical hiring managers are tasked with hiring contingent labor with little guidance and broad, undefined policies.”

Santoleri says that the decentralized approach also “reinforces the status quo instead of focusing on strategic resourcing,” and can lead to a few challenges:

  • a disconnect between the recruiters hiring permanent staff;
  • inconsistencies in rates; and
  • decreased productivity and efficiency.

By moving toward a total talent solution, Santoleri says that healthcare organizations will experience a bevy of benefits including:

  • Clarity around full-time and contract needs
  • Budget control
  • Cost efficiencies
  • Risk management
  • Seamless hiring
  • Client-facing healthcare talent consultants imbedded into the client culture
  • Accountability for continuous improvement

“A customized clinical workforce solution allows us to meet permanent needs while flexing up and down and remaining agile in a volatile and evolving environment,” Santoleri explains.

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