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Ahead of the Curve

Agile thinking and innovative HR initiatives define the achievements of the 2020 CHRO of the Year Award finalists.

By Marta Chmielowicz

In the past year, the business world has had to face unprecedented obstacles. A pandemic rocked the global economy, halting travel and forcing companies to indefinitely shut their doors. Civil unrest in the U.S. followed, propelling a national conversation about race and diversity and putting the spotlight on the corporate response. And now, businesses are forced to navigate the safe transition back to the office in a time of ongoing uncertainty.

During all of this disruption, HR leaders have led the charge. They have rolled up their sleeves and collaborated across the business to respond to crisis after crisis and reengineer the new world of work. Now more than ever, they have demonstrated their role as a strategic business partner with a critical seat at the table. From switching to remote work seemingly overnight to inventing new ways to manage, incent, engage, and develop employees, HR has embraced agility and employee empowerment to usher in a new era of business.

To honor the contributions of such leaders, HRO Today is proud to present the finalists of the annual CHRO of the Year Awards.

Click here to view this year’s CHRO of the Year Awards finalists.


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