This year’s HRO Today Forum sessions deliver top talent and technology strategies.

By Christa Elliott

Technology is a driving force that helps organizations attract talent, engage employees in the HR environment, and improve business outcomes. PriceWaterCooper’s 2015 Global HR Technology survey found that 44 percent of companies leverage the cloud and SaaS technologies for HR -an 18 percent increase from 2014. And that’s only going to grow: 30 percent of companies reported that they planned to move into the cloud over the next three years.

With more than 2.1 billion smartphone users, organizations are relying on mobile and cloud-based technologies as the foundation of their recruitment and engagement strategies. Job seekers and younger employees alike have come to expect company information and policies to be available anywhere, at any time. Needless to say, the ability to effectively use these tools -and to keep up with them as they continue to evolve -can be critical to an organization’s success.

Organizations can get ahead of their talent and technology strategies by attending the 2016 HRO Today Forum. Sessions on employee engagement, HR analytics, investing in innovation, and more will teach HR leaders to better adopt and manage these technologies in order to gain a competitive advantage. Here’s a closer look at what’s on the agenda.


The enterprise is changing from the evolving face of the skilled workforce and the pervasive nature of technology to the immediate pressure to compete. It is a perfect dynamic for transformational change.

What will be some key takeaways?

• Explore next-generation solutions around on-demand operating models

• Leverage new tools to organize internal talent

• Find technology for external and partner-based talent

Speaker: Stephen DeWitt, CEO, Work Market


An exclusive panel of CHROs will discuss the challenges they face on a day-to-day basis within their organizations.

What will be some key takeaways?

• Strategies for talent retention

• Employee engagement

• HR technology

Speakers: Jenn Mann, Vice President, Human Resources, SAS Kimberly Hauer, Vice President and Chief HR Officer, Caterpillar Inc Matthew Owenby, Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resource Officer, Aflac Pat Wadors, CHRO & Senior Vice President of the Global Talent Organization, LinkedIn


SaaS technology has become a critical component to not only hiring strategies, but also to employee retention and rewards programs. But not all SaaS solutions are created equal.

What will be some key takeaways?

• Prioritizing organizational needs during the vetting process

• Developing scorecards as a model for future SaaS purchases

• Qualities of the best software solution


Today’s marketplace offers access to a wealth of startup solutions for every business need imaginable. Some of these startups find more success than others, but the reasons why are not always obvious.

What will be some key takeaways?

• Why some products fail to reach buyers

• Evaluating products and services from the investment perspective

• Why the most innovative product isn’t always the safest investment

Speakers: Elliot Clark, CEO, SharedXpertise, HRO Today William Filip, Managing Director, Delancey Street Partners Brian Little, Head of Human Resources, Zurich, North America Kristen Robinson, Chief Human Resource Officer, Pandora Lisa Sterling, Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer, Ceridian


The value of a diverse workforce extends beyond compliance and company image. It is essential to talent attraction, employee engagement, and innovative business approaches.

What will be some key takeaways?

• Six keys to a diversity strategy

• Relevant metrics to attracting and retaining a diverse talent pool

• Turning diversity into talent and business strengths

Speakers: Audra Jenkins, Senior Director, Diversity and Compliance, Randstad Sourceright Peter Vermeulen, Head of HR Americas, The Linde Group


Technology plays just as much of a key role in recruitment process outsourcing as recruiting expertise and a strong operating model. Therefore, organizations must make sure that their recruitment technology aligns with their clients’ technology platforms

What will be some key takeaways?

• How to use technology for a stronger strategic position with clients

• Ways to leverage technology to create an engaging experience for candidates

Speaker: Jack Coapman, Chief Strategy Officer, gr8 People


A well-executed employer brand can have a major impact on sourcing and recruiting talent. Incorporating a positive candidate experience with that brand strategy can position an organization as an employer of choice.

What will be some key takeaways?

• How to expand talent pools through branding

• The positive impact of candidate experience on hiring and referral rates

• Reaching candidates with an online media strategy

Speakers: Claudine Hoverson, VP of Talent Recruitment, Synchrony Financial Liz Weeks, Head of Employer Branding & Talent Attraction, Alexander Mann Solutions


Web and mobile technology can be a great facilitator for employee health management. Organizations have begun to incorporate web-based services into their talent management strategies but many struggle to discern which products are worthy of investment.

What will be some key takeaways?

• What employees rank as most important to their experience as a healthcare consumer

• How to strike a balance between offering personal support and user-friendly tools

• Exploring questions about HR’s approach to overall health benefits and wellness management

Speakers: Ivor Horn, Medical Director, Center for Diversity and Health Equity, Seattle Children’s Hospital Umair Khan, Customer Operations Lead, Product Development, Accolade


Human resources analytics drive business strategies and help employers answer questions about performance and recruitment. They are becoming an important part of organizational research and planning.

What will be some key takeaways?

• The ways organizations are adopting analytics

• How companies can gather business benefits from current analytics offerings

Speaker: Michael Beygelman, CEO, Joberate

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