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Editor’s Note: Millennials as Managers?

By Debbie Bolla

Did you know that the millennials at the tail end of their generation will be turning 38 this year? According to Pew Research Center, the age range for this cohort is now between 23 and 38. What does that mean for HR and the workforce? More and more millennials are entering -or are in -leadership positions. In fact, according to Upwork’s recent study, Future Workforce Report, nearly half of this younger generation is in positions at the director level or above. So the big question is: How will millennials manage?

In The Future is Bright, Zoe Harte, senior vice president of HR and talent innovation and head of human resources at Upwork, shares four ways millennials and Generation Z are shaping the workforce based on findings from the company’s recent Future Workforce Report. Two factors are likely to have an impact on their management styles. Millennial and Gen Z workers are nearly three times more likely than baby boomers to believe that individual workers need to take personal responsibility for their development. They also believe that by 2028, nearly three-quarters of all teams will have remote workers and 33 percent of full-time employees will exclusively work remotely. Will these two factors lead to more autonomous management styles?

In the story Next Generation of Leaders, Cheryl Allen says that now is the time to provide millennials the training they need to succeed in leadership positions. The vice president of HR and talent management for Kaplan Professional believes organizations will benefit if they align their programs to the strengths of this younger generation. For example, millennials’ tech savviness will influence a more knowledge-based managerial style, so organizations should make training information easy to access through subscriptions, subject-matter experts, and online resource tools.

Millennials are now becoming managers, and there’s even more advice in both of these stories to help with this workforce shift.

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