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HR as the White Swan, Season 4 – A Podcast Series on Building a Business Case for an Impactful R&R Program

A group of HR executives came together to guide organizations and their employees through the pandemic. Now, that group of ‘White Swan HR Leaders’ are utilizing their momentum to continue driving positive change in a post-COVID business world.

Just in time for organizations to establish their post-pandemic plans, Season 4 of “HR as the White Swan” focuses on establishing an impactful employee rewards and recognition program to continue engaging your workforce once normal business operations resume. Listen now as Elliot Clark and Madison SVP Judd Weisgal discuss where to start, program implementation, and measuring effectiveness and continuing development in this 9-part series, where every episode addresses a topic corresponding to the letters in “W-H-I-T-E S-W-A-N”.

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Click below to listen to Season 4! New episodes are released every Thursday:

Podcast 1 (W): Worthwhile program for business: Have your numbers ready

Podcast 2 (H): Health and wellness of your employees is a compelling argument to include in your business case for an R&R program

Podcast 3 (I): Impress the importance of full inclusivity

Podcast 4 (T): Training, integration and implementation ease are key for stakeholder support

Podcast 5 (E): Effective management and communications: Your R&R program needs its own champion

Podcast 6 (S): Sell your R&R program with a memorable kick-off

Podcast 7 (W): Weighing the cost and effort: Revisiting the numbers and measuring effectiveness of your R&R program

Podcast 8 (A): Advancing and evolving your program (Airs 5/13)

Podcast 9 (N): Navigating the future (Airs 5/20)

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