N-abling Success!

N-able has proven that when organisations listen to their employees, they get a substantial return in productivity, retention and employee/client happiness.

By Zee Johnson

N-able, an IT services provider, knew that to build their version of the ideal post-pandemic workplace, they had to listen to their employees with an open mind. Leadership knew that it wasn’t just about higher-ups making decisions, but more about factoring in the concerns of their employees and ensuring they were heard at every step of the way.

From this vulnerability and willingness to change came “The Way We Work,” the company’s hybrid working policy and philosophy. Upon implementation of this new initiative created from a compilation of employee feedback, leadership made sure mangers and all other employees were trained efficiently to continue on the path to success, whether working onsite or remotely.

While employee feedback was and still is a top priority for the organisation, so were acts of service. To further push their people-first culture, the company issued two fully paid volunteer days to all of their global employees, known as N-abilites, to give back to their communities. The company also issued full employer-paid health benefits to all employees.

And to continue embodying the significance of inclusivity and connection, the company joined forces with Catalyst, a global organisation that builds equality in the workplace, to implement an employee assistance program (EAP) that made all workers feel needed, connected, and valuable. As a result of this and all of their other purposeful initiatives, employee engagement skyrocketed and attrition greatly decreased.

With the goal and core values to “N-rich” lives and “N-joy,” N-able understands that by first taking great care of their employees, their employees will in turn take great care of their customers, a direct support of the company’s ultimate goal.

N-able won the 2021 HRO Today Association award for HR Team of the Year.

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