HRO Today Association Update: The Power of Knowledge

The HRO Today Association supports the learning and development of HR professionals around the globe. We are committed to providing our members the opportunity to collaborate with a cross-functional team of HR practitioners and service providers to build relationships, share best practices, and advance the practice of HR. 

I am pleased to announce our new Knowledge Centers are up and running!  Knowledge Centers are communities within the Association that bring together subsections of members based on their individual interests and focus, while complementing the Association’s activities. They offer additional benefits to members, such as the opportunity to dive deep into topics of shared interest, in addition to volunteer leadership and speaking opportunities. Simply put, Knowledge Centers allow you to connect with other members who understand what you’re dealing with, without lots of explanation.

Currently, there are two Knowledge Centers: Talent Acquisition and Management and Diversity Equity and Inclusivity. While any member can attend a Knowledge Center meeting, you can gain maximum value by joining one or both as a delegate member. There is no fee to become a delegate member and you:

  • are recognized on the Knowledge Center webpage and marketing materials;
  • receive priority access to Knowledge Center meetings;
  • contribute your ideas for discussion topics; and
  • are considered for speaking at Knowledge Center meetings.

To join as a delegate member, please contact Steve Farace at Steve.Farace@SharedXpertise.com and indicate which Knowledge Center you would like join (or both).

In addition to delegate members, Knowledge Centers also have co-chairs. Appointed by the Association, co-chairs are a mix of practitioner, provider, and advisor members who work together to develop programming that serves the needs of the Knowledge Center’s members.

Each Knowledge Center will feature quarterly one-hour virtual meetings that combine expert-led content with shared problem-solving discussions, resulting in new ideas, improved processes, and ultimately, a competitive edge in today’s fierce landscape. The support system and relationships developed within these meetings and beyond are invaluable. Members, please visit our website for more information.

If you aren’t yet a member, I encourage you to join to connect with like-minded members for advice and support.  Please contact me at Renee.Preston@SharedXpertise.com for more information. 

Renée Preston

Senior Vice President of Membership Services
Global Executive Director of the HRO Today Association

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