HRO Services And Technology Association Update: Stop Solving Your Problems

Instead, look for the people who have already solved them.

D. Zachary Misko

Your company has a big problem. You‘ve thought about it, but you can’t seem to find the best solution -at least not easily. So you consult your team and colleagues to no avail; then you turn to the Internet, where all of your industry experts surely must be. They’ve got nothing. (Well, to be precise, they’ve got hundreds of PowerPoint slides, thousands of links to possible solutions, and several dozen videos worth of nothing.)

That’s where we come in, The HRO Today Services and Technology Association: a global association of HR executives, thought leaders, and industry experts, working in roles as practitioners, providers and analysts to participate in conversations, set industry standards and practices, and network with others in HR technology and services. And of course, discuss and share best and next practices.

As an association with an active membership community, we provide opportunities for all of our members to engage with one another during monthly committee meetings and through our member contact directory, LinkedIn Group, HRO Today Forums, and member meetings. Our association provides opportunities to learn in one of our four monthly Thought Leadership Councils (TLCs) on a wide variety of HR topics, including recruitment, screening, recognition, relocation, staffing, technology, outsourcing employee engagement and services. We invite our members to join Focus Groups to develop standards and practices within HR(O) on topics such as SLAs, RFPs, talent acquisition metrics, and business value assessment metric checklists, to name a few.

Our association provides a forum to ensure that you can sustain momentum on being the best in your profession. It also provides activities and outputs, as well as opportunities to engage, learn, and lead in the HR industry.

To join our global HR association and start engaging with industry leaders and best practices, please contact me at Zachary.Misko@sharedxpertise.com or 215-606-9522.


D. Zachary Misko
VP and Global Executive Director

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