Editor’s Note: What If?

What if none of this had happened? What if, rather than experiencing more than two years of pandemic-led lockdowns, restrictions and more, things had simply carried on as they were? Economic performance was stable and predictable, employees and candidates were available, fit, and healthy, and HR continued its usual business. What would have happened then?

I’m asking these questions purely because whilst HR’s role has increased in importance over the past few years, the function needs to do further work to ensure it remains a critical part of every organization. Recent challenges mean the function has arguably had more of a firefighting role for companies, and this doesn’t necessarily do wonders in promoting the importance of the department among senior leadership.

This issue’s articles are therefore looking to push forward, and to identify value and positive contributions outside of the influence of the pandemic. If HR demonstrates clearly how and why it can contribute, from diversity and new ways of working, to more effective ways of recognising and rewarding talent, then it will truly establish itself as a go-to strategic function.

So, if none of this had happened, what would HR have done? Would it have driven towards a better way of working for everyone? Would it have made such steps forward in making sure reward and recognition are effective? Whatever the answer, HR must now take advantage of the opportunities it has.

Tags: Editor's Note, EMEA May/June 2022

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