Editor’s Note: Value Evaluation

What is value? In this month’s issue, our features not only address the value of money and when workers are paid, but they also consider the value of brand for HR and the value of HR itself. The answers depend on where you’re sitting and what happened when, approximately two years after the start of the global pandemic. Whilst the situation has improved, the reverberations are still being felt across the workplace. Not to mention, there have been more dramatic and world-shaking events occurring during 2022.

The pandemic certainly heightened everyone’s awareness of financial security and work. In this issue, we consider the practicalities of a more flexible approach to pay, bringing the gap between when work is done and remuneration closer together. Can this offer a greater sense of financial security, or at least help individuals manage their finances better?

Brand wise, it’s clear that how a business treats its employees is as important as its tag line and logo. Again, the pandemic has shown how employee experience has had the power to make and break business brands.

And what about HR itself? The pandemic has demonstrated the importance of good people policies, but high-flying HR leaders now have the opportunity to turn this value into a more permanent state of affairs -to earn and keep a place at the very top of their organizations.

There’s no doubt about it, the shadow of the pandemic is only gradually receding and with it, perhaps, the extra emphasis on people policies. HR has learned from this experience and equally still has an opportunity to grow and to secure a higher profile among businesses across sectors and around the world.

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