Editor’s Note: Support System

Employees have always looked for support from their employers, but in some ways, they need it now more than ever. In this month’s issue, we have several stories that explore how HR can empower employees through different initiatives to meet different needs.

Take our cover story. COVID-19. Global conflict. Historic Supreme Court decisions. Rising inflation. It’s been a challenging few years and it’s not getting any easier. In A Greater Responsibility, HR experts share ways to support employees through global and social changes.

“While properly addressing social issues can be a priority for HR teams, company goals related to social issues should reach across the entire company,” says Kelly Cruse, vice president of human resources and chief diversity officer at Atlas World Group. “As part of the leadership of an organization, HR should actively seek to understand current social issues and ensure that the company considers how they can support, drive change and impact issues.”

Employee resource groups (ERGs) can be a great source of information. According to The Conference Board’s recent research, 55% of respondents say ERGs encourage organizations to respond to societal issues.

Chief People Officer of Constant Contact Mary Rusterholz agrees, saying ERGs have been an excellent way to obtain feedback and take action. “We have more than 10 affinity groups at Constant Contact, and I’m amazed at the conversations happening there every day–not about work, but about everything from the war in Ukraine to Pride Month and women’s rights,” she explains.

Today’s market challenges are also impacting relocation, but my Trend Watch story provides strategies to overcome everything from historically high housing prices to supply chains issues as mobility opportunities continue to be a driver of talent attraction and retention.

And a foundational way to support employees is through recognition. It’s a good thing we have our eye on the top leaders in the industry in our annual Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings for Recognition. Congrats to Workhuman, Madison Global, and Achievers for rounding out the top three. Be sure to see who else made this year’s list.

With this advice–and more–HR is sure to provide the support system today’s employees need.

Debbie Bolla

VP/Editorial Director

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