Editor’s Note: Return, Rebuild, Rethink

There has been a lot of talk of making the most of opportunities presented
by the global pandemic. The break away from the conventional workplace,
the reassessment of previously accepted ways of doing business, and the rise
of new technologies are all having an impact. What is emerging now is the
need to consider, value, and strategically use the tools, technologies, and
approaches that were deployed because of need.

In this round of articles, we look at the return of business travel, examining
how demand for worldwide experience and even the rise of the digital
nomad can be managed. There’s a reframing required around what mobile
talent looks like, whilst HR must still meet the challenge of compliance to tap
into this talent.

Meanwhile AI continues to grow in popularity within recruitment in
particular, presenting fertile ground for this technology. Again, there’s an
incredible amount of potential here, but HR must step cautiously not to be
taken up by the next bright shiny thing that may have limited worth.

Finally, HR continues to make difficult calls against a backdrop of talent
change. Fallout from the pandemic has caused many employees to question
their careers and job choices. The next big challenge for HR could be to
rethink retention and attraction strategies. Whilst there are many new and
existing tools to do this, success will still come down to the kind of issues that
have always been important in the workplace: company culture, individual
recognition, and support.

These are challenging and changing times, and it is still difficult to know
what is around the corner or what the next twist in the plot might be. But by
keeping sight of what is important to people, HR will continue to play a key
role in ongoing business success.

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