Editor’s Note: Making It Happen

I’m baaaaaaack. And so is the HRO Today Forum.
It’s been full speed ahead ever since I returned last month from a 12-week maternity leave. This is the most exciting -and craziest -time of year as we gear up for our annual HRO Today Forum. This May we head to Chicago to cover everything HR and we hope you’ll join us. Are you weighing technology options? Looking to leverage HR analytics? Trying to engage employees in healthcare? Learn about these topics and more by taking a closer look at our jam-packed agenda with Overcome HR Challenges on page 22.This is our third year recognizing the great work of chief HR officers with our CHRO of the Year awards, and I had the opportunity to learn more about each of our 20 finalists for this month’s cover story, Leading for the Future (see page 12). Their people-driven initiatives and accomplishments are downright impressive:

• Incorporating a new single application, cloud-based HCM system to decrease employee turnover;

• Offering learning opportunities through a new career center that resulted in promotions for 34 percent of participants;

• Developing a diversity strategy that helped increase the total workforce of women to 43 percent; and

• Designing leadership and training programs to reduce turnover by 20 percent.

We honor all of our finalists for having the drive and determination to take the risks needed to achieve these remarkable undertakings. One quality these CHROs certainly don’t possess is presenteeism, an attribute we explore in Operating on All Cylinders? On page 40. Presenteeism is when an employee physically shows up for work but is not working at full productivity. A new study from Global Corporate Challenge finds that employees are under producing for 57.5 days per year, costing global organizations $1,500 billion per year. Ways to spot presenteeism, as well as strategies to combat it are explored in the story.

I know my team hasn’t suffered from presenteeism during my absence -a big thank you to Belinda Sharr, Bill MacRae, and Christa Elliott for doing an outstanding job making it happen while I was out.

Looking forward to connecting with you at the HRO Today Forum!

Debbie Bolla
Editorial Director

Tags: April-2016

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