Editor’s Note: Keeping up with Change

We are living in interesting, challenging, and even worrying times. Fast moving and innovative perhaps, and yet many of the current challenges still come down to the same considerations for HR.

Recently, it has been impossible to move without coming up against an artificial intelligence headline—and we make no apology for giving you another here.

AI promises to bring another level of tech support to people management through its ability to recognise patterns and number crunch on a whole new scale. But making the most of this technology requires HR to continue to champion the person in the equation.

Whilst technology makes huge advances, many organisations are still coping with the challenging economic circumstances in which they are operating. The cost-of-living crisis continues in many locations, and HR is on the frontline, charged with making sure employees are safe, motivated, and staying in their organisations.

Finally, training and development is something organisations have engaged in for many years, but it remains a challenge to get right. HR is often questioned where ROI fits into the learning equation—and whether sometimes provision is enough in itself.

HR is always at the forefront of change in business because it exists at the moment where commerce meets talent, where technology meets real people, and where the wider world and the individual interact. These challenges cannot be underestimated, and the ability for HR to ensure the businesses they serve still get the best from their people is something to continually improve.

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