Editor’s Note: Keep Moving

At a time of economic uncertainty and hardship, HR really does need to be at the top of its game. The cost of living is fast becoming the primary concern for many in Europe and beyond, and it is yet another factor employers need to consider as they think about rewarding and incentivising their staff. Having survived the past few years, businesses could be forgiven for feeling somewhat punch drunk by now, searching for at least some stability on which to build.

However, there are few times when the people management side of an organisation does stand still. In this issue of HRO Today EMEA, we look at how HR keeps up with one of the fastest moving aspects of the workplace – technology. We take a deep dive into how hybrid arrangements have impacted introducing new talent to employment through internships and work experience and, in the light of the current economic challenges, we consider how pay can be made equitable across diverse locations.

What’s interesting here is that in none of these areas is there a sense of reaching a status quo and staying there – every aspect requires ongoing consideration, assessment, and an agile response. New technology could give your business an efficient edge or offer your employees a better experience. A rewarding internship can act as a great advertisement to bring fantastic talent into your business. Getting pay right can unlock the best skills across the EMEA region.

Even in the most uncertain times, business leaders and the HR function in particular, need to be ready to give certainty where it is required, whilst also adapting to and instigating change. It is by no means an easy balance to strike, but it is entirely what organisations need – and getting it right will secure HR’s leading position at the table.

Tags: Editor's Note, EMEA September/October 2022

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