Editor’s Note: It’s a Juggle Out There

By Debbie Bolla

Lots of research comes across my desk, including our own (see a roundup of recent HRO Today studies here), and LinkedIn’s 2019 Global Talent Trends report spoke to me personally. On its cover: A female working on a laptop while holding a baby. This choice clearly exemplifies a major shift in the workplace: Organizations are embracing the importance of a work-life balance. And even if you aren’t a working parent, you can certainly understand the struggle of juggling both work and life responsibilities.

In fact, of the research’s main trends transforming the workplace, 72 percent of talent professionals agree that flexibility is a top factor. Employees seek flexibility in all aspects of their work, including health and wellness benefits.

“Flexibility with employee benefits is key to creating a greater sense of connectivity in the workplace,” says Bradd Chignoli of MetLife. Chignoli and other experts offer strategies for a more holistic approach to employee perks in Whole-Self Benefits.

Beating out flexibility is the impact of soft skills (91 percent), which are often difficult to come by. One solution? Develop them. Stacy Tiger, director of talent and organizational development for BOK Financial, says that management should offer valuable resources for learning soft skills to help employees achieve success more efficiently. Click here to see how the company’s “Accelerated Career Track” program helps shape younger employees in becoming more collaborative critical thinkers.

Anti-harassment practices will also be a top trend with 71 percent of talent professionals in agreement. In the #MeToo era, employees are hyperaware of anything that can potentially give rise to a claim, says Jonathan D. Ash, Esq. In Preventive Measures, the partner of Fox Rothschild shares best practices on how organizations can review their anti-harassment policies and communicate them through training programs.

Are any of these trends on your agenda for 2019? If so, we are here to help!

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