Editor’s Note: Finding Inspiration

The messages and takeaways from the HRO Today EMEA Forum 2022 held in Athens in November could not have been more inspiring. Through conversations, award-winner stories, panel discussions, interviews, and seminars, the HR leaders who attended brought countless insight into the challenges of the profession and the approaches and solutions that are required in a complex, post-COVID world.

In one conversation, a point was made that HR is the function that everyone turns to in order to make things happen within an organisation. This applies to everything from a new product line and IT system to an updated health and safety procedure—whatever it may be, someone at some point will say: HR has to get involved.

The function has been underrated in this context, but being an HR professional is an amazing achievement and role to have. The Forum was a place for sharing and celebrating both individual successes and the overall contribution made by HR.

In this issue, we’re covering some of those remarkable stories, not just for those who couldn’t make it, but also for those who attended and want to relive those joyous moments.

Whatever your involvement within HR may be, one thing is clear: The value you bring to the lives of others is unquestionable and frequently unmeasurable. The challenges that you face are not yours alone and HRO Today EMEA is here to help highlight ways forward and ensure you feel part of this life enhancing function.

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