Editor’s Letter: Getting Social

How many different social media platforms are you on? This technology has taken over our everyday lives, and I recently realised that I have an account for almost every major social media network -LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Of course, HRO Today is on these networks as well (look us up!). So, being that we are on these platforms all the time, how can we use them to improve the work experience?

I spoke with a few experts for the APAC technology trends article in this issue, and most of them noted the rise in social media and how it can be useful for HR practitioners.

“Employer branding and talent attraction and retention strategies must include social media platforms for engagement and collaboration,” Nicole Cook, managing director of Australia and New Zealand for People Scout in APAC, told us. “Leveraging the human networks through social media and other channels is becoming more important to finding and engaging top talent.”

Indeed, using these networks can prove useful during all stages of the hiring and employment process -from posting social media job ads, to improving communication with groups on different platforms. Here are a few examples of how social media can help:

• Recruiting. Posting jobs on social media can ensure they are seen by many eyes. Social media can also provide an inside look at a candidate for background checks and screening. The talent acquisition department generally uses social media the most.

• Team building. Groups provide a place for employees to connect and share.

• Communications. A company Facebook page can house information that employees need to know, whilst blogs can be a space for senior executives to share their thoughts with their employees.

• Training. Flexible training can be done through videos or interactive processes.

• Branding. Every company should have its own social media pages and accounts on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram where it can connect with clients and showcase itself.

• Recognition. Social media is all about recognition, so HR executives can easily use it to give thanks to outstanding team members.

Outside of HR, social media does serve its purpose for the typical businessman or woman looking for information. It can be useful in all aspects of a job in all fields. For example, Twitter is unparalleled for its constant updates and is the go-to source for breaking news, albeit in just 140 characters. Facebook has become a medium for sharing articles and joining groups based on common interests. Snapchat and Instagram are useful when sharing content from live events as well.

And finally, social media provides an outlet to be social. Everyone needs some downtime, and these platforms allow their users to relax and catch up with friends, post their opinions, share photos, and follow pages consisting of their personal hobbies or interests.

So connect with us at @HROToday on Twitter or Facebook! We’d love to be social with you!

Belinda Sharr
Tags: global-spring-2017

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