CEO’s Letter: Never Say Goodbye

By Elliot H. Clark

Or should I begin with “never say never again?” This will be the last print edition of HRO Today Global. But it is not goodbye; it’s more of an “au revoir” or until we meet again. HRO Today Global has existed as a magazine since it was founded as HRO Today Europe more than a dozen years ago. Originally, it was supposed to cover the HRO industry in Europe, but, in truth, it included quite a bit of re-purposed North America content. It was sort of good, but not really local. It was sort of global, but not really.

But, HRO Today was globalising. Our readership in both print and digital formats was rapidly expanding and our digital offerings were doing very well. We considered going digital, but our reader surveys indicated that our subscribers still wanted the tactile experience of the printed book. We were limited to four editions per year in that format. We moved into APAC about a decade ago. We then morphed HRO Today Europe into a print edition in Europe and a digital edition in Asia rebadged as HRO Today Global. We split content in the new edition between APAC and EMEA, so… it was half as good for everyone. We offered content on EMEA that did not resonate with our APAC readers and vice versa. After years of commenting on how other companies were globalising, we went ahead and made the same mistakes ourselves. Being a critic is really easy unless you own mirrors.

In response to some feedback, we have decided to truly localise or “glocalise” if you prefer. Whilst this is the last issue of HRO Today Global (which really just means NOT North America), we will be offering two new digital magazines. Why? Because we have almost as many print and digital readers outside of North America where we were founded as we do in North America. Our readership is globalising and we are rushing to catch up to our own evolution.

So, what are we doing? It is very exciting.

HRO Today Global is not gone; it is undergoing “mitosis.” Note to self: Don’t use science terms in a column for HR people. Starting in the spring, we will be launching two new publications. HRO Today EMEA will be a digital-only, bimonthly publication. We have hired a lead correspondent and editor in the United Kingdom who will work closely under our Editorial Director Debbie Bolla, to bring high quality content about managing HR strategy and operations in global organisations. HRO Today EMEA will be about that region, from that region, and we look forward to providing a greater volume of pertinent content to our EMEA readers and also some insight into global trends, research, and case studies about EMEA-based companies.

Likewise, we also will simultaneously launch HRO Today APAC. Our editorial team for APAC will be based out of Singapore and devote its time and attention to coverage of Asia-based HR leadership from India to China to the other ASEAN countries.

We will also be doing trends stories as some of the challenges of HR are global and some are very local. Retention is a different issue in France than it is in India. Labour relations is practiced differently in Spain than it is in the US. Each region of the world deserves its own HRO Today.

If you currently receive the print publication, subscribe to the new digital editions of HRO Today EMEA and HRO Today APAC. We also will be saving a lot of trees and we are proud of how much of our business is now digital and the sharp reduction in the recycling burden and carbon footprint reduction we have been able to achieve as a company.

We look forward to you saying hello to our new editions, because we were never really intending to say goodbye.

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