C-TEN Update

By Renée Preston

I’d like to start by examining the word “choice.”

“Choice -the right, the power, the opportunity to choose. It is your right to choose. It is immense power to be able to choose. It is a tremendous opportunity to have the freedom to choose. Not making a choice is still, indeed, a choice.”

This is an excerpt from the commencement speech given at my son’s high school graduation last month where, ironically, we had no choice but to stay in our cars as we watched a presentation that recognized his classmates at a local drive-in theater.

I’ve thought about this statement several times since that evening at the drive-in. How do you know if you’re making the “right” choice? During these past few months, HR leaders have had to make some very difficult choices, many without a network they could turn to for advice.

The CHRO Today Executive Network (C-TEN) is a peer group that HR leaders can turn to for guidance to ensure they are making the best choice. C-TEN is not like other networks. For one, it’s small by design to ensure members develop closer relationships. And it’s cross-industry, offering a variety of different perspectives. C-TEN is sensitive to the busy schedules of HR leaders, meeting virtually for one hour, once a month.

In July, the group met over Zoom to discuss their back-to-offi ce strategy. We used a recent article from HRO Today, “Reopening the Doors,” to guide us through some key priorities to consider when bringing employees back to the office post-COVID-19. It’s always interesting to learn how businesses of different sizes and industries deal with similar challenges. One of the biggest challenges the group is facing right now, as I’m sure you are as well, is planning for employees whose work cannot be done remotely if schools do not open in the next few weeks. How will organizations support them while ensuring business is not impacted? I’d love to hear your plans and am happy to share with you what C-TEN members are considering. You can reach me by email (Renee.Preston@SharedXpertise.com) or phone (215-606-9562).

To all our members who have chosen to be a part of the HRO Today Association and C-TEN, I thank you. We promise to continue to offer a high level of educational and professional development opportunities for you to choose from.

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