2016 Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings: MSP

We rank the top providers based on customer satisfaction surveys.

By the Editors

HRO Today’s Baker’s Dozen rankings are based solely on feedback from buyers of the rated services. The ratings are not based on the opinion of the HRO Today staff. We collect feedback annually through an online survey, which we distribute both directly to buyers through our own mailing lists and indirectly by sending service providers the link to send to their clients.

Once collected, response data are loaded into the HRO Today database for analysis to score each provider that has a statistically significant sample. For this survey, we required 13 responses from 10 companies.

In order to determine an overall ranking, we analyze results across three subcategories: service breadth, deal sizes, and quality. Using a predetermined algorithm that weighs questions and categories based on importance, we calculate scores in all three subcategories as well as an overall score. The rankings are based on those scores. The numbers presented in the tables represent those calculated scores. We include them to demonstrate the relative differences among the ranked service providers.

While we do not claim that our methodology is the only viable ratings program available, we do vouch for its statistical validity.

We hope this ranking provides you some insight into your next RPF process.

  1. Pontoon

Website: www.pontoonsolutions.com

Pontoon is a global HR outsourcing company specializing in improving an organization’s talent. We manage the contingent workforce and statement of work resources on behalf of our clients, as well as source and recruit direct hires. Pontoon’s approach results in significant cost savings and revenue improvement, increased worker quality, workforce insight and greater regulatory compliance. A division of Adecco with operations in nearly 100 countries and with more than 1,000 colleagues worldwide, the Jacksonville, Florida-based organization delivers solutions to more than 100 industry-leading companies.

2. Staff Management | SMX

Website: www.staffmanagement.com

Staff Management I SMX, a TrueBlue company, is a recognized leader in innovative workforce management solutions that provide best talent, drive compliance, deliver tangible savings and yield sustainable value. As part of TrueBlue, Staff Management | SMX is the largest industrial staffing provider in the U.S. and is part of the Staffing Industry Analysts’ list of largest global staffing providers. In 2016, Staff Management | SMX won Inavero’s Best of Staffing Client Satisfaction Award and received client satisfaction scores more than 70 percentage points above industry average. Buyers have ranked the company as a leading Managed Service Provider (MSP) on HRO Today’s Baker’s Dozen for seven years straight and #1 in the Breadth of Service category in 2015.


• Outsourced workforce management: SOW, managed and outsourced services procurement; master, hybrid and neutral models; on- and off-site support; leading 3rd party VMS and proprietary WVMS platforms; VMS and WVMS configuration and administration; direct hire programs; end-user, supplier and workforce training; workforce scheduling, performance and audit management; risk and compliance management; enterprise wide reporting and business analytics; and comprehensive program governance.

• Managed service provider: end-to-end supplier strategy, sourcing and management; diversity supplier program management; workforce planning and optimization; precision recruitment, sourcing and media buying; job sharing framework and technology; worker classification support and payroll management; independent contractor (1099) administration; employment eligibility verification; consolidated invoicing; rate intelligence and workforce planning; and service level agreement management and attainment.

Most important metrics:

• Hard and soft cost savings

• Order fulfillment

• On-time fulfillment

• Quality of worker/hire

• Turnover/attrition

• Assignment tenure

• Cost per hire

• Overtime

• Supplier performance

• Diverse supplier spend

• Hiring manager and supplier satisfaction

• Contract and audit compliance

• Safety record

• Productivity

• Invoice/payroll accuracy

3. Geometric Results, Inc. (GRI)

Website: www.geometricresultsinc.com

Geometric Results, Inc. (GRI) is the world’s largest independent managed service provider with $4 billion in managed nonemployee workforce spend. GRI maintains a conflict-free, vendor-neutral position with regard to staffing suppliers and VMS technology platforms, bringing common-sense solutions to more than 50 client programs in 35 countries. GRI’s workforce solutions offer management of clients’ total MSP program activity including contracting, supplier management, payment services, and advanced analytics; clients realize improved efficiency, increased transparency, and reduced cost. GRI offers proprietary solutions including enhanced statement of work management with Procurement of Outsourced Projects and Services (PrOPS) and strategic data analysis with STARS Methodology for Continuous Improvement™. The company works to remain a leader meeting the multi-faceted non-employee labor needs of clients through unbiased total workforce solutions customized for the unique needs of each client.


• Program management solutions: strategic account planning; standard operating procedures; program workbook and roadmap; status meetings; communication strategy; program performance management; rate management; and manager surveys.

• Supplier management solutions: supplier performance reviews; supplier rationalization strategy; supplier audits; supplier forums; and supplier surveys.

• Comprehensive reporting solutions: executive dashboards enabled by STARSTM analytics solution; quarterly business reviews and executive business reviews; monthly operating reports; reporting matrix; SLA reporting; and cost savings tracking.

• Next-generation solutions: procurement of outsourced projects and services (PrOPS); talent cloud solution;staffing transparency analytics and reporting system (STARS) methodology for continuous improvement; and platinum preferred partner (P3) supplier program

Most important metrics:

• Time to submit

• Time To fill

• Percent competitive sourcing

• Rate card compliance

• Contractor quality

• Submittal-to-hire ratio

• Percent spend under management

• Cost savings

• Supplier responsiveness

• Customer satisfaction (NPS)

• Supplier satisfaction

4. Yoh

Website: www.yoh.com

Yoh is all about delivery. Talent, managed services (MSP) or recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) and so much more. We deliver immediate critical talent search, managed or outsourced solutions that match the best with the best and leave the rest to the rest. Whether it’s finding top talent, managing a complex contingent labor program or developing recruiting solutions to get you the talent you need the most, Yoh is a go. Ready, willing and more than able to do whatever it takes to take you in a single direction – forward. Using the strength of our vast network of resources to dig deeper, faster, helping you uncover just what you’re looking for – Y o h is out in front, standing behind you, utilizing our wide array of constantly evolving processes, tools and data to present you with insight and talent that prepares you for tomorrow, today.

At Yoh, we’ll help you navigate and fulfill your talent demands and comprehensive workforce solutions focusing on aerospace and defense, engineering, government, healthcare, life sciences, information technology and telecommunications. Securing the right talent pipelines? We’ve got that covered. Yoh fulfills immediate resource needs and delivers managed and outsourced solutions. Start leveraging our deep industry expertise today.


• Staffing services: contingent; contract-to-hire; and direct.

• Managed and outsourced solutions: managed services provider (MSP); payroll management; recruitment process outsourcing (RPO); independent contractor compliance; statement of work (SOW); and vendor management system (VMS).

• Federal services: information technology; cyber security; intelligence; security management and program management.

Most important metrics:

• Customer satisfaction

• Time-to-hire

• Submittal ratios

• Vendor performance metrics

• Cost savings

• Turnover

• Invoice timeliness/accuracy

5. Advantage xPO

Website: www.advantagexpo.com

Advantage x P O ® is a division of Advantage Resourcing®, one of the largest staffing firms in the world. Advantage xPO delivers best-in-class global solutions in recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) and managed service programs (MSP) to clients across a variety of industries. A trusted partner to leading organizations seeking world-class strategic workforce solutions, Advantage xPO was recognized in both MSP and RPO categories in HRO Today’s Baker’s Dozen.


• Full-cycle RPO

• Partial-cycle RPO

• Project based/volume hires

• Managed service programs

• Solution consulting

• Program and supplier management

• Independent contractor/1099 compliance

• Payrolling

• Strategic workforce planning

• Talent strategy partner

• Market research and competitor intel

• Talent composition recommendations (temp. Vs. perm)

• Business process outsourcing

• Exclusive transfer of non-core functional work

• Complete oversight of recruitment administration activities managed by SLAs

• Manufacturing and distribution process outsourcing

Most important metrics:

• Time to fill

• Hiring manager satisfaction

• Interview to hire ratio

• Attrition

• Cost savings

6. Guidant Group/Bartech Group

Website: www.guidantgroup.com www.bartechgroup.com

With more than 15 years of workforce consultation, design and management experience, Guidant Group is an industry leader in delivering contingent workforce and recruitment solutions. We have extensive experience working with the world’s leading global organizations to deliver the talent they need to grow their businesses. We pride ourselves on the high levels of personal service that we deliver to each and every customer and on our open and transparent approach which underpins everything we do. Opportunities, strategic thinking and future planning, then shape and deliver solutions to meet their unique needs.

Guidant Group recently welcomed Bartech to the Impellam family of brands and such the two businesses will be joining forces. As an Impellam company, we value our privileged position of trust: we put our customers first and always do what’s right, not what’s easy.


• Managed services provider (MSP): Outsourcing of all or part of a company’s contingent workforce, via three primary models: vendor neutral, hybrid or blended, and master vendor.

• Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO): Ownership of the design and management of all or defined segments of the recruitment process.

• Payroll services: Responsibility for all employer-related activities, including on-boarding and management for clientidentified, pre-identified or transitioning talent.

• Independent contractor compliance (ICC): Consulting and management services for IC/1099 that offer process analysis, recommendation, risk assessments and contractor vetting, management and audit.

• Statement of work (SOW): Evaluating historical SOW labor usage by location, department and managing project- based/ statement of work engagements ranging from single site engagements to a group of significant size deployed across multiple locations.

• Business process outsourcing (BPO): Addressing back-office needs and increase operational efficiency.

Most important metrics:

• Cost savings

• Customer satisfaction

• Placement timing (time to fill)

• Rate management

• Retention rate

7. Agile-1

Website: www.agile-1.com

Agile-1’s consultative approach solves workforce challenges for our customers by delivering cost savings, risk mitigation, vendor management, employment alternatives, industry best practices, and access to the best talent. Combining innovative talent procurement technologies with experienced professionals and a robust suite of total workforce solutions, we maximize the value of our customer’s workforce, decreasing liability and overhead associated with human capital management. Agile-1 manages the complexities of today’s global workforce by streamlining all components of contingent and direct labor.


• Managed service programs (MSP)

• Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO)

• Blended MSP/RPO solutions

• ICC solutions

• SOW solutions

• Payrolling solutions

• Workforce technology solutions VMS and ATS (acceleration)

• Alumni solutions

• Supplier relationship management technology

8. Broadleaf Results, Inc. (formerly Superior Group)

Website: www. broadleafresults.com

Broadleaf provides bundled or stand-alone total talent management in the forms of managed service programs, recruitment process outsourcing, vendor management systems, independent contractor compliance, statement of work management, and payrolling services.


• Managed service programs (MSPs)

• Vendor management systems (VMSes)

• Independent contractor compliance programs (ICCPs)


• Payrolling services

• Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO)

• Outsourcing solutions

• CAD outsourcing

• Training services

• IT outsourcing

Most important metrics:

• Submittal activity follow-ups

• Manager activity follow-ups

• Supplier T&C compliance/auditing

• Time-to-fill and Time-to-hire

• Acceptance-to-start

• Attrition

• Billing accuracy

9. AMN Healthcare

Website: www.AMNHealthcare.com

AMN Healthcare enables providers to successfully navigate the evolving healthcare environment. We attract and recruit the most comprehensive offering of clinicians and physicians. Headquartered in San Diego, CA, and with more than 18,000 corporate team members and clinicians working throughout the United States, AMN Healthcare provides innovative healthcare workforce solutions and staffing services that help our clients, clinicians and physicians deliver excellent, cost effective patient care.


Staffing and recruitment: travel nursing; per diem staffing; locum tenens; allied health staffing; physician placement; rapid response; strike staffing; international nursing and EMR implementation.

Workforce solutions: managed services programs (MSP); recruitment process outsourcing (RPO); vendor management systems (VMS); scheduling and labor management; education services; float pool management and telehealth – pharmacy.

Executive leadership: interim leadership; executive search; physician leadership search; nursing executive search; and leadership training and development.

Advisory services: workforce analysis and optimization; predictive modeling and analytics; strategy consulting; financial and operational performance improvement; regulatory compliance and labor disruption.

Most important metrics:

• Fill rate

• Time to book

• Time to start

• DNS rate

• Spend report

10. ZeroChaos

Website: www.zerochaos.com

ZeroChaos is a global provider of workforce management solutions that help organizations achieve greater management and financial control of their workforce and talent supply chains. ZeroChaos’ award-winning solutions, including its vendor-neutral Managed Services Program, enable procurement and human resources to improve visibility into contingent labor spend and talent pools, effectively manage and optimize contingent workforce program performance, and mitigate risks. Headquartered in Orlando, ZeroChaos has global operations in the Americas, Europe, and Asia


• Managed services program (MSP)

• Vendor management solutions (VMS)

• Statement of work (SOW) management

• Employer of record services

• Contractor compliance

• Employment screening

• Alternative sourcing

Most important metrics:

• Requisition acceptance

• Pre-fill requisitions

• Requisition response time

• Requisitions accepted to candidate submittals

• Candidate submittal to candidate interview

• Candidate interview to hire

• Turnover

• Requisition acceptance to hire

• Requisition fulfillment

11. Acro Service Corp.

Website: www.acrocorp.com

Acro Service Corporation is a consulting and temporary staffing firm headquartered in Livonia, Michigan. Acro is a global player in workforce management solutions including managed service staffing programs, as well as staff augmentation services in IT, engineering, technical, administrative, finance, manufacturing, and other labor categories. Acro has 34 offices in the US and seven international offices in Mexico, Canada, India and the U.

Services: Outsourcing & consulting solutions:

• Managed service provider (MSP)

• Vendor management system (VMS)

• Independent contractor compliance and risk management

• Program project sourcing

Staffing solutions:

• Staff augmentation

• Contract-to-hire

• W-2 and 1099 pre-identified candidate engagement services

• Direct placement

Technology solutions

• IT consulting

• Mobility solutions

• Workforce technology solutions

Most important metrics:

• Response rate

• Response time

• Fill ratio

• Retention rate

• Onboarding

• Failure to start

• Customer manager satisfaction

• Financial accuracy

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