PeopleScout assisted Sysco in finding candidates who would benefit from on-the-job training to combat the challenges associated with a significantly limited talent pool. 

By Maggie Mancini

To source for driver roles, Sysco had been focusing on individuals with specific manual transition experience. Since many people with that skill set are retiring or being targeted by competitors, Sysco saw a significant limit in their talent pool.  

To address this challenge, PeopleScout advised them to re-evaluate their skill level and consider the benefits of hiring candidates with less experience who could be trained on the job. This recruitment support has helped Sysco improve its retention rates, which grew from 77% in the first quarter of 2022 to 80.5% in the last quarter of 2023.  

PeopleScout’s consultative approach allowed them to conduct a site diagnostic and identify opportunities for process improvement, building the case that Sysco’s talent acquisition leaders needed additional funding to update their career site. PeopleScout also identified opportunities for Sysco to increase diversity within its candidate population and developed an initiative at the end of 2023 to engage a group that is particularly underrepresented in the trucking industry.  

The company has also created a robust training program to ensure members of the PeopleScout and Sysco account team are successful. This includes interactive documents, standardized processes, and immersion into Sysco’s company culture. 

PeopleScout won the HRO Today Association’s North America Award for Recruitment Team of the Year, Provider.    

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