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2014 Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Surveys: Screening

2014 Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings: Screening


By The Editors

HRO Today’s Baker’s Dozen rankings are based solely on feedback from buyers of the rated services. The ratings are not based on the opinion of the HRO Today staff. We collect feedback annually through an online survey, which we distribute both directly to buyers through our own mailing lists and indirectly by sending service providers the link to send to their clients.

Once collected, response data are loaded into the HRO Today database for analysis to score each provider that has a statistically significant sample. For this survey, we required 13 responses from 10 companies.

In order to determine an overall ranking, we analyze results across three subcategories: service breadth, deal sizes, and quality. Using a predetermined algorithm that weighs questions and categories based on importance, we calculate scores in all three subcategories as well as an overall score. The rankings are based on those scores. The numbers presented in the tables represent those calculated scores. We include them to demonstrate the relative differences among the ranked service providers.

While we do not claim that our methodology is the only viable ratings program available, we do vouch for its statistical validity. We hope this ranking provides you some insight into your next RFP process.

1. Aurico Reports, Inc.

2. Employment Background Investigations (EBI)

3. Asurint

4. PeopleG2

5. IntelliCorp Records, Inc.

6. Universal Background Screening

7. Global HR Research

8. TalentWise

9. Verified Person

10. PreCheck Inc.

11. Accurate Background

12. SterlingBackcheck

13. SecurTest, Inc. The iReviewNow Company


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