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Making the Right Match

By shifting to a skills-based hiring model, companies like Magnit can pair talent with skills-heavy job descriptions.

By Maggie Mancini

Amid an evolving job market, Magnit and many other companies sought to update traditional job descriptions to focus on skills rather than work history and experience. Companies often struggle to adapt to a skills-based hiring model due to a lack of data, technology, and expertise to identify and match the right skills to job roles accurately.  

To address those challenges, Magnit introduced “Skills-Based Advisory Services” to its flagship platform. By leveraging data, technology, and taxonomy, Magnit’s skills-based services involve two key components: skills inventory and augmentation and skills advisory.  

This shift to a skills-based approach has resulted in numerous benefits to customers, including enhanced candidate quality, reduced bias in hiring, expedited role fulfillment, increased workforce diversity, and cost savings. This empowers organizations to hire more efficiently while focusing on the individual skills that matter the most to their business.  

Additionally, utilizing AI-driven recruitment and efficiency through automation helps to ensure that prospective candidates are matched to the job description while reducing implementation time. Magnit is focused on promoting agility and leveraging strategic partnerships to continue to grow.  

Magnit won the HRO Today Association’s North America Award for Best in Class: Innovation (non-technical).  

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