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Editor’s Note: Starting Strong

It’s two months into 2022 and the challenges keep on coming for HR leaders around the globe. A new PwC pulse survey hit the field in January to better understand the talent issues CHROs will be facing in the coming year. In fact, 61% of CHRO respondents report hiring and retaining workers as a key investment for their companies in 2022.

One way to attract and keep top performers is by offering customized learning and development tracks. The survey found that 47% of companies are improving career advancement opportunities. If this is the case at your organization, head to our special cover section on employee and leadership development, starting on page 10. Here we offer strategies for leveraging data to design and drive L&D programs as well as ways recognition programs can acknowledge and find the next generation of leaders. In Investing in HR, learn about a new investment opportunity of HR leaders through the HRO Today Professional Development Institute.

Designing policy around new work models continues to be on the minds of HR leaders. The pulse survey found that 38% of organizations plan on offering a mix of in-person, hybrid, and fully remote, and with that comes its own set of challenges. In fact, 30% say they’re concerned about better remote leadership to bolster mental wellness, reduce remote inequity, and avoid a toxic work culture. With that in mind, 30% of respondents plan on providing training for managers with remote teams. To better lead in this type of work environment, VP of People at Agora Sharon Kittredje provides six best practices for handling tough conversations virtually in Talk to Me on page 22. And in Ensuring Equitable Hybrid Work Models, Amy E. Hull, director and head of diversity, equity, and inclusion for Paycor, shares three keys to ensuring inclusion and belonging for both remote and in-office employees.

In a special section of our own research, we highlight the top findings from studies that uncover how the pandemic and other current events are shaping workforce trends. The HRO Today Research Roundup examines the current state of D&I initiatives among both full-time and permanent workers; how 2021 shaped employer branding efforts; the outcomes and effectiveness of resume redaction; and workforce planning strategies. Because if it is impacting HR, we are covering it.

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