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Client-Centric Talent Acquisition

Mohamed Othman-Sidan’s work with GMS-YAS prioritises the needs of clients, tailoring recruitment solutions and delivering cost-savings.

By Maggie Mancini

As talent acquisition manager at GMS-YAS, Mohamed Othman Sidan’s record of accomplishments include recruiting more than 250 medical professionals for the organisation’s major clients in the United Arab Emirates each year. Sidan oversees two major companies within the group, including one in healthcare and one in medical supplies.  

By taking a client-centric approach to talent acquisition, Sidan prioritises clients’ specific needs, tailoring recruitment solutions accordingly. In addition, he ensures that resources are allocated efficiently, matching workforce capabilities with organisational needs. He has worked to secure cost-savings for the organisation, conducting cost-benefit analyses to identify potential areas where the organisation can save money.  

Under Sidan’s leadership, GMS-YAS has developed a comprehensive onboarding program with clear objectives, enhanced its employee engagement, incorporated feedback from new hires and managers to continuously enhance the onboarding process, and secured support from senior leadership for DEI initiatives.  

He has worked to manage both the healthcare and medical supply chain businesses, identifying synergies between them and implementing global best practices to help safeguard and enhance talent acquisition for both companies.  

Mohamed Othman Sidan was recognised with the HRO Today Association’s EMEA Award for HR Leadership, Healthcare/Pharma. 

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