Revolutionizing HR: 2019 HRO Today Superstars

We recognize industry leaders for their forward-thinking strategies that prepare their organizations for the future of work.

By The Editors

2019 saw what experts would deem a candidate-driven labor market. With the unemployment rate at 3.7 percent, companies need to reevaluate how they find and engage top talent or risk falling behind. But keeping employees invested is no longer as easy as it once was; today’s talent expects employers to deliver an exemplary experience, new technologies, enriching learning programs, career growth, robust benefits plans, job flexibility, relocation opportunities -and the list goes on.

In this demanding environment, we think it’s important to recognize leaders that have gone above and beyond in the realm of HR. Our 2019 HRO Today Superstars are playing a larger role in business strategy than ever before, delivering innovative solutions that solve today’s problems in order to get ahead for tomorrow’s success.

Our roundup recognizes three categories of leadership because each has a significant impact on the successful management of human capital: Providers, Practitioners, and Consultants/Advisors/Analysts/Academics/Investors/Thought Leaders. Superstars were nominated externally through an online tool and by the HRO Today staff.

View this year’s complete list of HRO Today Superstars here:



Consultants/Advisors/Analysts/Academics/Investors/Thought Leaders

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