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Elevate the hiring process with these hot tech products.

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Today’s HR technology allows talent acquisition leaders to cast a wider net and improves the candidate experience for job seekers. From recruitment advertising and social media outreach, to sourcing, assessments, and referral programs, cloud- and mobile-based technologies have elevated the hiring process to improve the quality and fit of candidates -all while delivering a concierge-like service to top talent.

“Our expectations of the technologies have dramatically changed and the technologies are ahead of our expectations rather than being behind,” says William Tincup, CEO of Tincup & Co. “And for candidates, the game has changed in two fundamental ways: the expectation of corporate transparency and the delivery of said transparency. Meaning, candidates stalk our companies like we stalk them. And they have expectations past the initial job. Candidates today are okay talking about the first position with your firm, but they are more willing than any other generation to ask the ‘what’s next’ question of recruiters.”

Read on for a run-down of some of the most innovative HR tech on the market and how it can change talent management and recruiting processes for the better.


Adopto delivers employer branding, candidate sourcing, and applicant tracking -all in one. The simple and intuitive recruiting software allows users to set up a career page, post a job, look for the best people, and extract their info with a single click.


Appcast is an HR software solution that lets employers advertise their open jobs risk-free on a ‘pay-per-applicant’ basis across a network of more than 6,000 career and consumer sites. The software works with applicant tracking systems and requires no fees or long-term contracts.

Async Interview

Async Interview’s services include audio interviewing, pre-recorded interviewing and live interviewing solutions.


Brilent is an SaaS solution that matches candidates to job positions, integrates with ATS, and reads candidates likelihood of changing jobs. Brilent also adapts with every action by the user so that the system provides better recommendations over time.


ClearCompany’s talent management software strives to create a better hiring experience by managing the entire employee lifecycle; facilitating onboarding and goal alignment across departments and teams; and managing employee performance for a more productive workforce.


Entelo is a recruitment tool that targets passive candidates by sourcing from over 275 million candidate profiles. It also selects candidates based on skill relevance, expertise, and potential availability.

gr8 people

gr8 people is a highly-configurable, all-in-one recruitment platform that covers everything from sourcing candidates and creating marketing campaigns, to communicating, scheduling interviews, recruiting globally, and bringing on new hires.


Hirevue’s platform uses digital video and predictive analytics to attract, identify, and select the best candidates. It also eliminates scheduling and feedback delays that can make it harder to recruit top talent.


Loop expands the recruiting process beyond just a job description and collaborates with teams to identify the ideal candidate profile. It also assesses job-, team-, and firm-based competencies to deliver candidates who align with the position.


Montage offers live and on-demand video interviewing capabilities as well as voice interviewing for an interactive experience. Montage’s platform allows candidates to self-register into the hiring workflow and record their on-demand video interview instantly.


Qwalify’s “Talent Dojo” is a brand-based engagement platform designed for high volume recruitment that analyzes data to identify brand advocacy, generate rich profile insights, and help companies narrow down potential employees.


RightFit’s product, Rightview, allows talent acquisition teams to store, search and visually analyze their existing resumes. It generates visualizations of searches and provides powerful results with a simple user interface.


SkillSurvey’s online reference checking solution improves recruiting efficiencies, reduces time-to-fill, and expands their network of referrals.


SparcStart job boards emphasize engaging, accessible, and social-share-enabled job content via mobile-friendly videos. Each Sparc job profile features videos of a company’s hiring manager and the candidates’ potential coworkers to allow recruiters to share key features about the position and company.

Take The Interview

Take the Interview’s platform enables recruiting teams to engage candidates and hiring managers using advanced video technology. When evaluating candidates, users have access to better scheduling and can capture notes, assessments, and ratings.

Textio Talent uses technology in statistics and machine learning to help companies improve hiring practices by continually analyzing job text and outcomes data using listings from a large set of companies.


VidCruiter’s recruiting software offers video, live, and audio interviewing technology as well as tools for video onboarding and applicant tracking.


Vizi turns job postings into stories using icons, pictures, color, and more and allows users to enter key elements of text job description and experiment with colors, fonts, and cool templates to create unique branding.

Zip Recruiter

Zip Recruiter allows companies to post jobs to more than 100 leading job boards and social networks with one click. Job seekers get email alerts with postings that are tailor-made for their skill set and location.

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