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Five apps to improve the ways of the workforce.

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In remote teams, technology and tools are the lifelines that keep employees connected. New apps constantly need be revisited and re-evaluated as situations shift -something that has become very apparent during the ever-changing COVID-19 pandemic.

Almost all organizations are currently looking for ways to allow remote work now and into the future. And with a huge number of new apps and technologies available, it’s entirely possible to have a remote team that is connected, creative, productive, and successful.

Skype and Zoom are two of the apps historically used by most businesses, but there are others to help teams stay connected.

Task and Project Management


Airtable is a task management tool that focuses on collaboration. Allowing users to arrange work processes, work schedules, task reviews, and progress check-ups, it’s great for those who already understand the work they are doing and simply want to get it done efficiently and quickly. There are also templates that eliminate the need for formatting.


A user-friendly task management and team collaboration tool, Easynote has a simple user interface design. It has a huge number of free features, including file sharing, deadlines, alarms, reminders, and user comments, which make it accessible for all. Targeted for both everyday users and businesses, the app can be leveraged to organize everything from multi-platform projects to to-do lists.


Trello is a simple-to-use project management tool. Standing out with its simplicity and accessible interface, Trello helps remote teams increase their productivity by collating feedback from the whole team and creating a visual dashboard of what needs to be done.

Mind Mapping


Ayoa.com allows users to take a step back, assess their work, and consider the objectives behind their actions. It differs from other apps by encouraging users to assess priorities and get the right things done, rather than simply ticking tasks off a list.

Workflow Automation


A workflow automation tool for business, Zapier facilitates a strong remote work culture by connecting different apps together and moving data between them automatically. For example, Slack and Trello can be linked through Zapier since it stores all the data in one place. Zapier solves the issue of flicking between tabs to keep track of work and is compatible with most of the main business apps.

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