Employee Engagement

Understanding and Increasing Employee Engagement

These top partners are helping organizations measure and innovate the employee experience.

What motivates talented employees to stay at a company? The answer is complex and multi-dimensional and often includes factors like opportunities for growth, work with a greater purpose, consistent feedback and recognition, and a flexible schedule that fits their lifestyle. But underneath these elements of a positive work experience is a culture that promotes high employee engagement.

Facing a tight labor pool, many organizations have redesigned and modernized their employee engagement strategies. If looking for a partner, this list is what HR leaders need.

To compile the following roundup of top employee engagement providers, HRO Today examined findings from past years’ Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings™ for employee engagement and combined them with market observations about which companies best offer insight into the employee experience. The partners on the list provide both the technology and know-how to allow their clients to build a stronger culture, leading to higher employee retention and more success recruiting.

Below is this year’s list of the top providers, in alphabetical order.

Applauz Recognition

Website: www.applauz.me

Services: Pulse surveys; mobile app; and analytics.


Beyond Feedback

Website: www.beyondfeedback.com

Services: Employee surveys; employee stay interviews; and analytics.


Website: www.engage2excel.com

Services: Employee engagement and experience surveys; survey action planning for managers; lifecycle surveys (new hire/onboarding, pulse, exit, ad hoc); engagement consulting; and experience solutions (recruitment, onboarding, employee recognition).


Website: advise.gallup.com

Services: Online platform Gallup Access; Q12 engagement survey; employee engagement strategy design; analytics and reporting; and leadership training.


Website: www.gartner.com

Services: Engagement survey action planning; communicating engagement survey insights; and conducting employee focus groups.


Website: www.glintinc.com/employee-engagement

Services: Employee engagement platform; customizable survey programs; on-demand access to employee feedback; and data and analytics.


Website: www.kincentric.com

Services: Workplace culture and employee engagement consulting; people analytics and data-driven insights; cloud-based tech platform; and benchmark assessments.

Korn Ferry

Website: www.kornferry.com/talent-strategy/employee-engagement

Services: Survey planning and design; survey administration; survey reporting, analysis and recommendations; and action planning.


Website: www.imercer.com/products/Employee-Engagement-Services

Services: Custom engagement surveys and consulting; company culture surveys; virtual, online focus groups; linkage analysis of engagement data to outcomes; and workshops, training, and coaching.


Website: www.perceptyx.com

Services: Custom-designed employee surveys; interactive dashboards; customized reports; and data and analytics.


Website: www.qualtrics.com

Services: Employee engagement surveys; real-time data; and customized reports and dashboards.

Quantum Workplace

Website: www.quantumworkplace.com

Services: Employee engagement surveys; pulse surveys; lifecycle surveys; performance management tools; and people analytics and reporting.

Willis Towers Watson

Website: www.willistowerswatson.com

Services: Employee engagement surveys; employee engagement measurement; employee engagement reporting; and employee engagement action planning.

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