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Growing Defense and Safety Contractor Sought Partner to Upgrade All HR Functions 

BOCA RATON, FL September 21, 2005 The Protective Group, Inc., a Miami-based company specializing in the manufacturing of personnel protective material for use in military, security and firefighting applications, and AlphaStaff Group, Inc., a market leader in Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO), today jointly announced that they have entered into a partnership through which AlphaStaff will provide the Protective Groups more than 200 employees (including its subsidiaries of Protective Materials and Chieftain Safety) with critical support in all areas of human resource administration. The program includes regulatory compliance services and legal liability protection, payroll administration, benefits administration, safety services, HR consulting and tax filing services.

The Protective Groups growth plans have the company doubling in size over the next 12-18 month period. With that kind of growth, we need to be sure that were providing best HR practices for our growing employee base and remaining in compliance while we focus on the core business of developing protective gear, said Ed Careaga, Chief Executive Officer of The Protective Group. When we decided to outsource our payroll and benefits, we knew we had to find a company with a history of maintaining compliance with all employment laws, as well as the ability to mitigate any liabilities, and AlphaStaff does just that. AlphaStaff has a proven record of providing its clients with certified HR experts who will act as an entire human resources department.

The Protective Group originated as a spin-off of the Advance Materials Group of AVCO Corporation and in the 1960’s. They were awarded a contract by the U.S. Military to develop and produce a lightweight armor system capable of withstanding armor-piercing bullets posing a lethal threat to air crewmen during rescue missions in the early years of the Vietnam War. The result was a large scale fielding of the first-ever ceramic composite armor used in active combat anywhere in the world and credited with the savings of many soldiers lives.

The Protective Group has an amazing history and the potential for tremendous growth in the near future. It makes sense for them, like so many growing companies these days, to seek our expertise to manage their non-core administrative functions, said Jay Starkman, President and Chief Executive Officer of AlphaStaff. We feel enormously privileged to have been selected to provide their human resource needs, and we look forward to AlphaStaff proving once again that we can provide the industrys best compliance, liability protection, and employment law expertise.

About The Protective Group
The company’s headquarters is located in Miami Lakes, Florida. For more than four decades the Protective Materials Company has been an industry leader in the development of Bullet and Blast-Resistant products for the United States Department of Defense and other Allied Nations. The company’s expertise encompasses the design, engineering, prototyping, testing, production and installation of “mission specific” protective products. Through the Protective Material Company’s sister division, Chieftain Safety Manufacturing, the company designs and manufactures a complete line of NFPA-Certified Firefighter Apparel, Helmets and Accessories. For more information, please visit the website at www.protectivegroup.com.

About AlphaStaff
AlphaStaff Group, Inc. a human resource outsourcing company, offers flexible employer solutions that control costs, address key compliance issues, and provide legal liability protection, while delivering world-class benefits. Through FlexSource, a complete portfolio of products and services, or via co-employment, AlphaStaff focuses on HR and technology integration, with payroll, benefits, tax, accounting, and risk management for mid-market companies. AlphaStaff is the solution for businesses seeking a passionate and trusted business partner with professional expertise in technology, law, finance, insurance and human resources.

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