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Offering Buyers the Tools They Need for Better HRO

Making a decision on whether to outsource, choosing the right provider, and managing relationships are some of the most critical decisions facing today’s HR executives.

by Sharon Taylor

As an active member, and now chair of the HROA, I am often asked how membership in the association benefits buyers. The plain fact is, HR executives are often overwhelmed as they begin the “to outsource or not to outsource” process. Once the decision has been made to move forward, they need to navigate the choppy waters of vendor selection. And even after the HRO provider is selected, the deal needs to be managed—raising a whole new set of unfamiliar challenges.

The good news is that the HROA is positioned to help buyers during every stage of this journey by providing solid information in an outsourcing-neutral and vendor-impartial way.

Specifically, there are five major benefits to buyers through the HROA:
Learn from the trailblazers. The HROA brings together the leading figures in the industry. They understand the outsourcing risks, economics, and models. You have the benefit of tapping into their experiences, insights, and lessons learned.

Get to know who does what. No two HRO providers are the same. Some offer superior IT infrastructure. Others excel at consulting. Some stress a transformational approach. Others focus more on “lift and shift.” Some are great at payroll while not so great at benefits administration. HROA is an effective vehicle for gathering intelligence on each of the providers in the industry.

Demonstrate you’re a leader. Membership in the HROA establishes you and your company as serious players in HRO. This is obviously important to providers but is also key for buyers. HRO is not a one-time purchase. It is an on-going process that is vital to the overall success of your HR function.

Enjoy tangible benefits. Buyers spend money on publications, research, and conferences. Membership in the HROA includes discounts on all of the above, and more. It’s a great value for buyers. In fact, membership quickly pays for itself.

Shape “next practices” in the industry. HRO is a young industry. Its delivery model, fee structure and service offerings are dynamic and evolving. Through the HROA, you can help ensure that the buyers’ “voice” is considered in setting the agenda for the industry in both the long and short term.

Most of us are familiar with the Latin phrase “caveat emptor,” the principle in commerce that the buyer alone is responsible for assessing the quality of a purchase before buying. The beauty of the HROA is that you are not alone. You have the collective knowledge of the best in the industry to support and assist you. And that is a valuable thing.


HROA’s 2006 Awards Gala on April 26 to Honor the Best of the Best in HRO 

 The HRO industry’s thought leaders will be recognized at an awards gala during the HRO World conference and exposition in New York City. The 2006 event, being produced and hosted by the HR Outsourcing Association (HROA), will be held at the New York Hilton and Towers on April 26.

Award categories at the 2006 HROA awards gala are: HRO Provider of the Year; HRO Customer Relationship of the Year; HRO Customer Relationship of the Year—Middle Market; HRO Sourcing Advisor of the Year; HRO Lawyer of the Year; HRO Provider Executive of the Year; HRO Buyer Executive of the Year; HRO Recruitment Process Outsourcer of the Year; HRO Payroll Provider of the Year; HRO Relocation Provider of the Year; HRO Thought Leader of the Year; and HRO Person of the Year.

The independent panel of judges responsible for nominating the world’s best buy- and sell-side HRO experts, organizations, and relationships are Michel Janssen from Everest Group, Scott Gildner from TPI, and Howard Spode from Alsbridge. Those chartered with nominating the reigning advisors and attorneys in the global sourcing industry are Sharon Taylor from Prudential Financial, Hugh MacDonald from CIBC, Randy Ross from Best Buy, Chris Morena from AT&T, and Andrew Kris from HROA Europe (ex-officio.)  And both teams of judges were given responsibility for submitting nominations for the HRO Thought Leader of the Year and the HRO Person of the Year.

The awards dinner begins at 6:30 on April 26 with an hour-long cocktail reception, followed by dinner and the awards ceremony.

To reserve your place, or to secure a table for 10, please go to: http://www.hroassociation.org/www_assoc/event/event.asp?eventid=54. For more information on the HRO Association, please go to: www.hroassociation.org.

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