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Newkirk Introduces Comprehensive Roth 401(k) Communications Services To Educate Providers Administrative Staff, Sponsors, and Pa

ALBANY, NY, August 29, 2005 – Newkirk, a nationally known provider of communications for defined contribution plan providers, today announced a number of educational services designed to increase knowledge about, and facilitate decision-making with respect to, the new Roth 401(k) plan option.

Roth presents a communication issue at many levels, said Peter Newkirk, president of Newkirk. Providers want to make sure their administrative people know whats going on, and they want to be able to communicate with plan sponsors about the new option. Most importantly, when a plan adopts the Roth option, participants will need to be informed. Given the potential complexity of the topic, thats a challenge.

Our approach with plan participants, Newkirk continued, is to tell them that this is a great time to rethink their retirement planning in general. The Roth versus traditional decision is important from a tax perspective, but deferral levels and proper asset allocation are even more important to sound retirement planning.

The cornerstone to our participant communications is our new Roth 401(k) Analyzer. With this interactive Internet tool, participants can enter personal information and assumptions and then perform any number of what-if scenarios to determine the option thats best for them. The Analyzer is embedded within educational material, so the participant learns as he or she goes. We also have a gap analysis option that allows the participant to see whether either option will result in a comfortable retirement. By adjusting the deferral rate and investment return assumptions, the participant can use the Analyzer to consider other planning factors.”

The Newkirk participant communication service also includes a variable text letter for distribution to employees who are participants in plans that adopt the Roth option. The thrust of the communication is that the availability of the Roth option should lead to a general reconsideration of retirement planning. The letter is personalized and uses participant-specific examples to encourage review. Completing the participant communication services are posters and paycheck stuffers, all encouraging participants to rethink retirement and to use the online planning tools.

Finally, Newkirk has explanatory services for both providers and sponsors. Providers need to make sure their administrators are up to speed with respect to the Roth rules, noted Newkirk. Our McKay Hochman subsidiary offers online seminars specifically designed for this audience. A second seminar offering is directed toward field representatives and TPAs.

And, on the sponsor front, we have a communication that outlines how Roth works and what the impact of adopting that option is from the employers perspective. This communication is customized on a provider-by-provider basis so that each providers special features can be emphasized.

We think we have all the bases covered,” concluded Newkirk.

For more information on Newkirks Roth 401(k) communication services, contact Newkirk at 800-525-4237 (Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time). Detailed information about McKay Hochman e-seminars may be found at

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Newkirk and its subsidiary companies are leading-edge defined-contribution plan communication providers. For over 30 years, Newkirk has developed creative solutions to communication issues faced by financial institutions and professional firms focusing on 401(k), 457, 403(b), money purchase, and profit sharing plans. For more information, visit or call 800-525-4237.

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