Employee Engagement

Implementing a People-First Approach

Learn how Venus Soundararajan led an HR transformation for BFSL that puts people at the heart of strategy.

By Debbie Bolla

Building an employee-first culture is key to Venus Soundararajan’s human capital strategy for BOB Financial Solutions Limited (BFSL). The people-minded company culture is strengthened and reinforced by aligning initiatives to organisational values and goals. Soundararajan’s well-designed HR policies are always created with the employee at the forefront.

Here are three examples of Soundararajan’s people-first approach.

  1. Performance management system. BFSL experienced a huge uptick in productivity after Soundararajan implemented a new performance management system. One key element was the launch of SMART goals, which are tracked through a balance score card. SMART goals ran throughout the entire organisation and have ensured that all teams stretch themselves to achieve specific goals in sales, revenue, technology, and customer service. This helped BFSL hit business targets and grow at a fast pace. By having a strong foundation around performance management, a feedback culture was born. Clear expectations from employees also helped accelerate positive change.
  1. Learning and development. To increase the agility and engagement of the organisation, BFSL managers have access to L&D opportunities to improve their coaching and leadership abilities. A strong focus on L&D has driven many facets of transformation, from technology to processes to culture.
  1. Social media engagement. Soundararajan introduced the importance of social media to employer branding to BFSL. In fact, in less than a year, BFSL’s LinkedIn followers hit 10,000 through its network of 350 employees. This approach has helped the organization attract new talent and meet business objectives.

Soundararajan was recognised for her transformative efforts with the 2020 HRO Today Association award for “HR Excellence in Thought Leadership.”

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