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Healthcare Unaware – 11/13

Healthcare reform has presented employers with the predicament of communicating accurate information regarding all employee benefits, which is easier said than done. The Jellyvision Lab’s, creator of the virtual employee benefits counselor ALEX®, recent study ALEX Asks: What Employees Think About Your Benefits Communication found that only 15.1 percent of employees say they’re “knowledgeable” or “very knowledgeable” about their benefits, even though 90.3 percent of respondents think it’s at least “somewhat important” to understand, and 71.5 percent say it’s either “important” or “very important”. Nearly four out of five employees believe in their employer’s ability to convey the benefits information, apparently this has just not occurred everywhere yet.
Another problem is posed by the lack of wellness program awareness. While the majority (77.6 percent) of surveyed employees think it is at least “somewhat important” for their employers to provide a wellness program, nearly one in five workers can’t say for sure if their company even has one. Josh Fosburg, vice president of business development for The Jellyvision Lab, reports that 45.3 percent of employees in this survey believe they have to pay something in order to take advantage of the wellness programming that assists in managing weight, staying on top of prescribed medication, and smoking cessation. This survey brings to attention the action that needs to be taken for full employee comprehension of benefits options.
The survey polled 400 workers at companies with more than 2,000 employees.

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