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Family Leave Insurance(TM) Close to Becoming Reality for American Workers,

ST. FRANCISVILLE, La., May 12, 2005 — In the weeks since products and services incubator Rothschild-Landry Holding, Inc. ( introduced its patent-pending Family Leave Insurance(TM), interest in the product has been outstanding. Two of the nation’s largest insurance providers are considering adding it as a rider to existing worksite disability products, and others are examining the feasibility of offering Family Leave Insurance directly to the public. Meanwhile, American workers are eagerly awaiting the chance to purchase Family Leave Insurance.


The wait will be short, Rothschild-Landry president Jesse Rothschild predicted today. “We are optimistic that at least one major insurer will bring Family Leave Insurance to market through employers, and one directly to the public,” Rothschild stated. “The challenge with selling directly to the public is the cost of collecting low premiums, and the average monthly premium for Family Leave Insurance will be only $3.00 to $8.00 depending on coverage. Fortunately some insurers have built their businesses around low-premium products, so we remain hopeful that families will soon be able to purchase Family Leave Insurance directly.”


Family Leave Insurance will provide income replacement benefits typically of 60% of salary when workers take time off to care for an ill family member or to bond with a newborn child. Exceeding the requirements of California‘s Paid Family Leave fund, and those of programs proposed in other states, Family Leave Insurance will provide benefits for up to 12 weeks – the length of leave protected by the Family and Medical Leave Act.


“Demand is already strong for Family Leave Insurance because it offers compelling solutions and opportunities,” said Rothschild. “Insurers recognize the product’s market potential, advocacy groups see Family Leave Insurance as a way to get affordable benefits to the nation’s working public faster than state or federal legislation, business groups recognize Family Leave Insurance as a way to avoid further taxes and to put the responsibility for costs into the hands of those who will benefit, and the low premiums are affordable for any worker. Family Leave Insurance is a winning proposition for everyone involved.”


About Rothschild-Landry Holding, Inc.

Founded in August 2004, Rothschild-Landry Holding, Inc. develops and markets new products and services designed to fill voids in, and bring unique benefits to their respective markets. Products and services developed by the company, including patent-pending Family Leave Insurance(TM) and patent- pending AirShare(SM) are available for licensing to market. For more information about Rothschild-Landry and Family Leave Insurance, contact Jesse Rothschild at 225-784-9116 or visit the company’s Web site at



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